Proxy Server – How to Choose

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Today, any plans can be implemented through the network: earn money, have fun, look for friends, new travel routes, or plan a joint assault on the citadel in the game. All these and many other ideas are feasible only with a stable working Internet and in the case when there is no ban on many Internet resources in your country. A proxy server successfully copes with such tasks, which we will try to talk about today.

Proxy Server - How to Choose

What is a proxy server

In fact, it stands between your computer and the Internet, encrypts and decrypts data, allows you to perform various actions anonymously. Most often, large companies have their own proxy server in order to control data flows inside an office building. Thus, all information smoothly flows from office computers to the central one, then to the network, and vice versa, from the network through the central computer to the local network.

Proxy server and how to buy it

Using a proxy server, the administrator gets the opportunity to:

  • Acceleration of work on the Internet for a selected group of users
  • It can close or open access to certain sites or content in general
  • Knows about the amount of incoming and outgoing information traffic
  • Can even disconnect mode breakers from the network

With the help of special programs, the administrator creates a report on, for example, spending a month’s limit, on visits to suspicious sites by managers, on those who download movies to their laptop from work traffic. And then the authorities come up with disciplinary measures for persistent violators of the order.

Proxy for yourself

A proxy server for personal use opens up a lot of useful things that you will not get with a normal, unprotected, Internet visit. A reliable proxy server will speed up data streams, both incoming and outgoing. You can hide your or show a random IP address for spyware. You can even change the region code if you enter through a proxy server, for example, located in the Netherlands or Mexico. You will be able to visit all forums and chat on any chats that simply cannot be opened without a proxy from a regular network entrance.

What are proxies

First of all, it’s worth noting that there are paid and free proxies. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you will certainly encounter when closely interacting with such systems.

Free of charge

Technically, these are the kind of proxy servers that many use and many leave traces on them. They quickly become congested due to high demand, fail or delay traffic. On the other hand, this is the perfect way to launch a DDOS attack on a competitor’s website and cover their tracks. If your goal is long-term cooperation with the server, you should pay attention to the fact that in this case security is not guaranteed at all. They know how to open access to the brain center and memory of your computer, they can be tied to virus programs that suddenly pop up during normal browsing. Plus, the previous owner of the proxy server you are now using could cause major damage or minor mischief to anyone, and here the consequences are unpredictable.


We recommend paid proxy servers for adequate, uninterrupted and qualitatively better network performance. They have advantages that will cover the costs incurred by renting a server with 100% certainty.

  1. They hide the IP of your computer, which helps you do your business on the Internet anonymously.
  2. The main server can be located in Russia, England, China, Sri Lanka, Austria, USA, Georgia, or in many other countries for every client’s taste. This opens up vast expanses for surfing and removes you from the jurisdiction of the country in which you are physically located.
  3. The company that offers proxies for rent guarantees minimum ping, high speed and 100% protection of personal data.
  4. Technical support works 24 hours 7 days a week, so any issue that arose will be resolved accurately and promptly.
  5. These servers don’t crash. All raids, campaigns and raids in online games from your side will be carried out with maximum return.
  6. These servers are clean and personal. There is an option to get the IP address scattered.

As you can see, rented proxy servers have a lot of advantages, from a stable and high-speed data flow, to its protection and adequate configuration at any time of the day or night. Understand the main criteria for selecting an ideal proxy server, and the calculator on the site will help you calculate which of the proposed options is more profitable.

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