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Mohd. Atif, a blooming name in the field of digital marketing has started his career in 2012, with an IT company, named as Tradeindia. At the initial phase of his career he was not a well recognized face to many but gradually he manage to create a space for himself in the arena of digital marketing. He has been able to clinch this success in just 8 years of career. With his dedicated hard work now he is at such a point of success, in the world of digital marketing, where everyone desires to be. Mohd. Atif is currently providing his remarkable services as, digital marketer to SEOHeights and many such others. Here are his achievements at a glance. Here are his achievements at a glance.

What you can Learn

So if you also want to make a successful career in a short interval of time, you can learn from Atif’s experiences. Here is a list of all those categories of skill, which you can learn from him.

1. Digital Marketing –

Be a master in the world of digital marketing; learn all the following skills about it from him.

A. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

He is an expert in ranking website on search engine through SEO. So if you are eager to know the tricks  for search engine optimization, learn them from Atif.

B. Facebook Marketing

Yes, learn Facebook marketing from him to grow your business in all dimensions. You cannot skip social media to become a good digital marketer.

C. Google Ads

In case you are new to Google AdWords, you can take his help. He is certified by Google AdWords and has a great experience regarding it.

D. ORM – Online Reputation Management

Online reputation Management is making difference in digital marketing these days. It is very crucial to do ORM of a business website these days. Understand all about ORM from Atif with all minute details about it.

E. App Store Optimization

He is also an expert in mobile marketing, don’t lose the chance to grasp his experience about it

F. Email Marketing

Approaching your customer through email is the best idea to popularise your business. But there are certain points one should know about email marketing. If you want to gather those ideas from Atif, try to reach him.

G. Affiliate marketing

Apart from digital marketing in case you are also enthusiastic in learning affiliate marketing you can contact him

2. Web and Blog creation

As mentioned above he is not an expert of one arena, web and blog creation is also a field in which Atif is doing magic with a combined effect of experience and hard work.

3. Blogging

If keen to become a successful blogger, Atif can help you out in doing so. He is a wizard of blogging.

4. Lead generation

He is not lagging behind in anyway in lead generation, which is a work of professionals. He can give you’re the best ideas and tricks of lead generation.