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Privacy Policy


Security issues of the website visitors are much in the buzz nowadays because of the various scams that happen online. That is why it is very important for the website visitors to know about their security rights that are provided to them by a specific website. Guestpostblogging.com is a universal website which provides a collaborative platform to the people to share their views with intense concern. But those who visit the website to read these posts must be concerned about the security issues that could arise regarding their personal details. That is why we are updating our latest privacy policy to cooperate with the general data protection regulation (GDPR) rule. Here is an updated privacy policy that you must be aware with to safeguard your personal details.


Information we get from our Website visitors

There is multiple type of information that we get from the visitors on our website and people must be aware about these personal details. They should have an idea about the information they are leaving behind by visiting our website that is Guestpostblogging.com. This is because a lack of concern and awareness about the data you are sharing with us could raise certain queries in the later part. So here is some of the information that we can draw from our visitors when they visit our website either directly or indirectly.

1. IP address of the person who is visiting the website is tracked at the time he access to the website Guestpostblogging.com.

2. The name of the device through which a person is getting an access to the information published on the website.

3. Place from where a person is making an access to the guestpostblooging.com either through personal system of mobile.

4. If the website is being visited through the mobile phone then the complete information regarding the model of the phone and global position of the person could also be tracked.

5. Those who subscribe for the daily updates on the website and entre personal details like email ID could also be tracked regarding certain details like contact number and email address.

6. Details like name of the person and other information like pages visited by the person and ad click could also be tracked by the website.


These are some of the most common information that could be obtained by the website owners regarding their website visitors. A person must be clear about the information he or she is sharing by making a visit on the website.


Use of the Information we get from our Visitors

The information that is obtained from the visitors of the website could be used by the website owner for various purposes. These purposes are mentioned in the following list. So, if you are not known to this fact please go through the following list to know that how your personal information could be used by the website.

1. To send email regarding the business purposes like email marketing in which email is directly sent to your account by the business organization. Such types of mails are mostly received as spam by the person.

2. The data could also be used to track the activities like click on the ad that pooped out on the website while reading an article or blog. This type of data is very important to know the interest of person regarding a particular product.

3. This data and personal detail could also be used for the purpose of making certain changes to make the website more readers friendly by considering the comments and reactions of the readers on the multiple blogs.


To whom we share Personal Information

The personal information that we are going to collect from you is not given to everyone without any security procedure. We only share these details to the people who need your email id for the purpose of email marketing. But we do not sell the data blindly without any confirmation of the business party who need this data. So, people do not need to worry about the frauds that could happen with them by sharing their details on Guestpostblogging.com.  If you have any tension regarding the security related matters the easiest way to ignore sharing excess of information with us is to avoid generating an alert of the topics posted on the website. But for this reason you have to lose the alerts regarding the latest updates that happen on our website.


How can you limit us to share your personal Information?

If you are extremely worried about sharing your personal details with us you have the choice to do that easily. This is because you can ignore the pop ups that ask you to put your personal details on the website. Although this is going to cut the certain benefits like regular update to the new topics on the website but still you will be tension free regarding your data. Do not click on any add that pop up against your screen while you are on our website. In this way you can make a healthy security for your personal information. But for that you will have to lose many facilities that are offered on the website like when an article and blog will be posted on Guestpostblogging.com you will not get notified about it.


Methods through which we protect the security of our visitors

The security of our visitors is always protected by us because we never get involved in the pursuit of sharing your information with every party. We only share the details of our visitors with those whom we completely trust and they are using this data to expand their business only. We assure the complete security to our visitors but still if you have any doubts you can ignore filling your detail on the website.

So when you are visiting the website it means you are accepting our security conditions. This will give you help in understanding about the kind of data you share with us by visiting the website Guestpostblogging.com through any channel like personal computer or mobile phone.