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None of us is unaware of the destructive consequences of poor SERP ranking of a business site, low DA and PA, and high spam score. The aura of online e-commerce sites dominates conventional offline businesses in the current scenario. Under such circumstances, every company wants to enhance the DA and PA of its business website to increase the SERP ranking. Several SEO techniques are adopted for this purpose by search engines optimization professionals, like building quality backlinks from authentic sites having high traffic and relevant Domain authority. is one such platform that will meet all your needs to create high-quality backlinks for your commercial site to improve its ranking marvellously. Here are top notch things you need to consider while choosing a place for guest posts to create good backlinks for a business through blogging and evidence of how the platform fulfils them:

• The high flood of visitors daily

The central concept for making a guest post is to get a quality backlink to your site so that more people can be driven to your site indirectly from the leading website to which the guest post is being made. But it makes no sense if you choose a place with a poor count of visitors on a set period, like in a day or week, for that matter. ensures this thing to the people who wish to create a guest post with the said platform. It would not be wrong to assert that our visitor’s count crosses five figures in a month or more.

• SERP ranking

A good SERP ranking of a website means more people are paying a visit to it, and thus you can consider such sites for a guest post. It will be straightforward to increase your website traffic by getting a backlink from websites having good Search engine result page ranking. Talking about, it is sailing second in the search Engine hierarchy of SERP, which is not very common for other sites. This is another reason why you can trust for the guest post.

• Scan the categories of posts meticulously

Your selection of a website for the guest post should be very wise, and make sure that the categories of both site sites match each other. You cannot afford to choose a place that does not deal with your site’s types. offers a wide array of options for people to create a guest post in various categories. It includes business, digital marketing, education, lifestyle, and technology as major categories. Every single type enlisted here is shrouded with several sub-categories as tabulated below;

  1. Business: Automobile, Career, Job, finance, insurance, real estate, reviews, shopping, online earning, etc.
  2. Digital marketing: Advertisement, email marketing, SEO, local SEO, social media, submission sites list.
  3. Education: Astronomy, Engineering, law, programming, entertainment, gaming, movie, and sports.
  4. Lifestyle: Fashion, food and nutrition, health and fitness, home improvement, relationship, travel, and pet.
  5. Technology: Apps, crypto, computer, design, mobile, web development, web hosting, top 10 things in different spheres of life.

These are the categories for which you can make a guest post on to ensure a good traffic drive for your site. The above platform can gives you the best backlink and good place to share your ideas in diversified categories as it is not limited to a handful of categories.

• Good DA and PA of the site

Ensure that the site has high domain and page authority for which you are willing to select for the guest post. When you get a backlink from an area having poor PA and DA, it will ruin your authority. platform ensures this thing to those eager to create a guest post with it.

• Null or meager Spam score

A high spam score is something poisonous for a site, and if you create a guest post on such a site, your site will also be affected by this poison. So make sure this thing very well that not to select a website for a guest post that is disgraced with a high spam score and it will increase the list of poor backlinks for your site and enhance your spam score at the same time.

• The site is free from objectionable content

There are sites offering guest posts but accept all sorts of content, which is highly refrained by the Search engine. So if a website is posting content on caste, gender biased content, or content that promotes multiple Jeopardise to people based on their race, creed, color, and any other heinous content for that matter should better be avoided for a guest post. We are delighted to convey that accepts no such type of content, and that is why we are moving towards high success on search engines with reckless speed.

Comply with the following Terms to create a Guest post with us

By now, you must have gathered an idea that creating a guest post with will not be a poor decision for you. If you are also one of those who are passionately waiting for making a guest post on our platform to share your ideas and get quality backlinks, you need to comply with the following terms:

  1. You need to ensure a lengthy post beyond 1K+ words.
  2. The content should be unique and passed from plagiarism check to avoid rejection.
  3. The category of your post should complement the categories enlisted on
  4. The content must be free from grammatical errors and written by pro writers.
  5. Your content must not hurt the sentiments of a race, gender, or class.
  6. Offending topics like Banned Drugs, Sex, Marijuana, Porn, CBD, Smoke, Betting, Vaping, etc., are highly not entertained by the platform.
  7. Content created through multiple online tools like spinners and other related tools will be rejected immediately.
  8. Posts imposing danger to community/society or carrying remarks on racism will be rejected.


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