How to Convert Facebook Videos to MP3, MP4 or M4A

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Facebook was a platform created for sharing pictures, videos, audios and text posts with your friends and the world. This implies that other people are supposed to like them. Many might even want to save them so that they can access it any time they want without having to visit Facebook each and every time. Facebook does have a “Save video” option, it simply bookmarks the video within the app or site. This means if the account is somehow lost, so will the videos.

How to Convert Facebook Videos to MP3, MP4 or M4A

Thus it is not as reliable as downloading the video, as downloaded media can be safely backed up. It might also happen that you are only interested in the audio part of a video. It might be a song, a speech or a tutorial with a self-explanatory voiceover. In such cases, you will only want to convert the Facebook video to audio and save it. Converting a Facebook video to any format is very easy. In fact, there are many tools available online for that. Let us take a look at some of these:

1. Using a Downloader or Converter – Tons of video downloaders are available online that can be used to convert a Facebook video to MP3, MP4, M4A or any other common format. These can be online video downloaders, video downloading softwares or even add-ons. There are many specialised Facebook video downloaders available that can perform this action, or you can use one of the multi-functional YouTube video downloader or YouTube video converter that have the added capability of support of other media sites too.

2. Using an Audio Extractor – Instead of using an FB video downloader to directly convert to your desired audio format, you may also choose to download the video first and then, extract the audio from it in whichever format you like. This can be done using online converters or offline software. The only difference between these and the above converters is that the converters obtain the offline version of the file directly from its source, while the extractors work on an offline version of the file that you downloaded.

3. Using a Recorder – This can be thought of as a last resort, if, for some reason, the above methods do not work. Many screen recorder and internal audio recorder software are available on the Internet, which can easily record the screen activity and/or internal audio of your device. It should not be an issue in what format these files are stored, as you can always use a converter to change the format to one that you prefer.

MP3, MP4 and M4A are the most common formats in which video and audio are available, so you will not have to worry about the above programs not providing them as options. If you need a reliable and versatile tool to convert your Facebook videos to MP3, MP4 or M4A, you can check out Video Downloadr that has a separate page for converting Facebook videos to a large number of formats.

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