WordPress Developer Salary: How To Increase Yours?

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WordPress is among the biggest, most popular website development platforms, with over 43% of the websites built on it, which comprises some of the biggest websites on the planet. Millions of start-ups, MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), and large MNCs opt for WordPress for their websites because of its features and functionalities, and security, SEO, and performance advantages. So obviously, there is a massive career scope for any aspiring WordPress developer in this industry.

WordPress Developer Salary How To Increase Yours

But being a WordPress developer isn’t a rare feat. Millions of WordPress developers around the world can help create fully-functional, well-rounded websites with excellent appearance and features. So considering the competition, the salary figures of WordPress developers tend to go down. But there are a few ways you can improve and increase your salary as a WordPress developer.

So we have listed out some of the best tips to follow if you want a better salary or pay for your talent and skills as a WordPress website designer and developer.

What Are The Main Responsibilities Of A WordPress Developer?

WordPress developers, as the name suggests, are IT professionals who help design and develop websites of all sizes and types through WordPress. The primary role of a WordPress developer is to create, update and maintain a WordPress website. These developers work on several aspects of the WordPress ecosystem, including plugins, themes, core platform development, and other customizations.

Here are a few responsibilities of WordPress developers:

  • Developing and maintaining WordPress websites: WordPress developers design and create customized WordPress websites based on their client requirements. These developers can create customized themes and wordpress plugins and develop the website’s functionalities.
  • Customize the pre-existing WordPress websites: WordPress developers also need to be experienced at working on existing WordPress websites to add customized appearance and functionalities.
  • Creating customized WordPress themes and plugins: WordPress website development experts need to be able to create customized plugins and themes to improve the appearance and functionalities (and features) of a WordPress website. If the clients have any exclusive demands regarding plugins and themes demands, the WordPress developer will create customized extensions for the websites.
  • Troubleshooting: One of the most significant aspects of website development is identifying and solving errors and issues. So WordPress developers should be able to effectively troubleshoot the technical issues on any WordPress websites, such as bugs or broken functionalities.
  • Collaboration and networking: When it comes to bigger websites, developers have to work together to ensure the most-creative WordPress websites with the best features and functionalities. So the best WordPress developers must be able to network and collaborate with each other to ensure they are able to create the best possible websites.
  • Staying updated with the latest WordPress trends: WordPress developers need to stay updated with the latest WordPress trends, updates, and technologies to create the best websites with the best security and performance and are optimized for search engines.

Any WordPress developer needs to be competent enough to take up these above-mentioned responsibilities. Moreover, when companies hire WordPress developers, they expect them to have the following prevalent skills:

  • Programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and CSS
  • Database management
  • WordPress plugins and themes development and customization
  • Troubleshooting and debugging
  • Security standards and practices
  • Familiarity with core WordPress, its APIs, web hosting, and server-side management
  • Knowledge of responsive design and mobile-first approach
  • Good communication skills to converse with clients and project managers.

If you possess all these skills and can effectively fulfill these responsibilities, you would, by definition, be called a good WordPress developer. That means more companies and individuals would be interested in your offerings and services.

Now, one of the most frequently asked questions regarding this industry is “Is WordPress developer a good career?” or “Do companies regularly hire WordPress developers?”. Simply, with the relevant skills and abilities, a WordPress developer can be an excellent career, especially since there are already hundreds of millions of websites on the internet, and more are being created every single day.

What’s The Salary Figures For WordPress Developers?

Whether you are a WordPress developer or any other working professional, the salary figures are usually based on your experience and skill set. The more experience (along with an extensive skill set) you have, the better your salary will be.

Also, the salary will significantly depend on the type of employer. For example, a start-up or MSME IT firm may not pay you as much for the same role as a multinational IT corporation.

According to certain expert job sites, a moderately skilled and experienced WordPress developer may be paid anywhere between $1000 to $10K.

Then, there are freelancers, who are independent contractors earning predetermined wages based on the job or task at hand, typically for a short duration. Since freelancers are free to work with multiple employers simultaneously (unless demanded by a particular employer for a total focus on their project), they can potentially generate more revenue.

How To Increase Your Salary Figure As A WordPress Developer?

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is the most popular web development platform, with more than 800 websites currently in existence and more being developed every day. So naturally, there are millions of WordPress developers around the world with the same kind of skill sets and experience. So there is bound to be competition, which may drive the salary offerings down.

But WordPress developers can opt for a number of strategies to boost their salaries and earnings. Here are a few of them:

● Build a Robust Portfolio

One of the most significant assets any working professional needs is a robust portfolio. For a WordPress developer, the portfolio should display your best projects, skill set, and experience in WordPress website development. Try to list a mix of projects from different industries (if possible) to showcase your expertise, like your ability to create customized WordPress themes and plugins, as well as work with the latest WordPress integrations.

● Hone your skills

Another great way to raise your prominence in the industry as a WordPress development expert is by honing your skills. For that, you need to stay updated with the latest trends in WordPress techniques and technologies and industry best practices. Solidify yourselves in any kind of skills that can make you an integral asset to your potential employers. Attend industry conferences and workshops, take online courses, and actively participate in online forums like Stack Exchange. You may even visit popular WordPress blogs to keep pace with the latest trends and developments in the field.

● Networking & Team Work

Networking is another way to create an image of yourself in your industry. Whether it’s with other developers or potential clients, or employers, networking can be excellent for staying in touch with the latest trends and technologies. It can help you build crucial relationships that may well lead to new and better job opportunities. Social media platforms can be a great asset in this regard.

● Consider specializing

No matter what profession or industry you are in, specializing will always help improve your skills and expertise, and WordPress development is no different. You can go for specializations like e-commerce, plugin development, etc., which can help improve your value and gain a higher salary.

● Negotiate

Arguably the most important factor in getting a better salary is negotiation. But you should only negotiate after comprehensive research on fair compensation to people with skills and experience similar to yours. There is an ample amount of data available on the internet that can help build your case, through which you can start a plausible negotiation with your potential employer. But make sure you don’t forget that negotiation is a two-way street. So there will be counter-offers from the other side. You have to think carefully and avoid making rash decisions.

As a WordPress developer, it may take a little time and effort to increase your salary. But through a strong portfolio, enhanced skills, effective networking, specialization, and negotiation, you may stand a better chance at a higher salary.


WordPress development is one of the most prevalent careers in the IT industry. But since there are millions of websites, the number of WordPress developers is bound to be high. So with that much competition, the salary figures may go down.

But everyone wants a higher salary; it’s human nature to expect and desire a higher pay scale. So what do you do? Well, we have listed a few tips that may help show your potential employers that you deserve a higher salary and are capable of justifying it.

When a company hires a WordPress developer, they expect the professional to have certain skills and be able to handle the crucial responsibilities in the job description effortlessly. So build a robust portfolio, continuously hone your skills, try networking, consider specializing, and then negotiate with your potential employer to stand a chance on a higher salary.

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