Common Frustrations Business Owners Have With Web Development Companies

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Common frustration business owners have with website Development Company is getting a professional website design. Not only is it frustrating for a client, but also for the web designer.

Having been at both ends, I have discovered that the process of developing a website from scratch for clients is not always easy as you think. As a professional web designer, I will be outlining some problems you may have experienced and discuss the possible solutions on how you can overcome them.


Common Frustrations Business Owners Have With Web Development Companies


Website designer’s inability to convert your business ideas into a design

This has been the greatest frustration experienced by business owner creating a website for the very first time. It is paramount to note that developing a website is like creating or designing a brochure. There are so many factors the website developer has to take into consideration which includes the following:

  1. The website has to be responsive across different browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, mobile devices and tablets.
  2. The website should not only be visitor friendly but also search engine compliant.
  3. Website navigation structure should be properly setup.
  4. Lead funnel should also be incorporated on the website to capture leads/ visitors information


To overcome this website design frustration, you need to provide the exact match website that you like and components you want to be included on your website such as a specific type of background colours, website image layout, a number of columns, website navigation type, etc.

If you only tell your designer “I specifically want a website that is red in colour and that has a lot of catchy graphics and image effect.”  they are not going to develop the exact match of the website that you want. Website design is very subjective and what your website developer perceives as having graphics or image effects might likely be different from what your idea is.

Time Duration it takes website designers to get the entire website set up

Most business owners don’t know website development takes some time; website designers have hundreds of fonts and millions of colours in their archive. Most of the time, the initial first website development phase is to draft out the website layout which might be completed in few days, Then timely depends on a number of changes done on that layout.

Once the layout is finalised by both the developer and the business owner, the website developers need to code the website (set up all the technical stuff) for the website to function properly as the developer has discussed it.

If the website requires advanced website functionality such as database management, Hospital management system, School Management system, stock management system, project management system, ID management system and CCTV installation setup. This may take a few days or even weeks to completely set them up correctly.

What slows down the website project most of the time is when the client’s request to make minor changes on the website which might have an impact on the look and functionality of the entire website.


To ensure your website is not delayed with minor changes, ensure you talk to your designer and work out a schedule of what is going on your website; agree on a date for the project to be submitted when:

  1. How long the website coding and testing is going to take
  2. When you are going to provide content/images/text to be included on your website.
  3. How long are changes going to take on the website layout?

It is vital to have a schedule in writing if the website designers are going on holidays during the website project, make sure you keep communication open with your clients.

Additional expectation from the business owner

Website developers can’t read the mind of a business owner, and if you want to add some information as part of your website design or functionality, it is essential you inform your website developer upfront.

My website is not coming up on the first page of search engine

A common request I receive on a daily basis from entrepreneurs or business owners is to have their website come up on the first page of search engine results (Google) as soon as their website is launched. One of the ways to show up on Google Search Result is to run a PPC campaign (Pay per Click Campaign) such as Google Adwords.

At Touchcore, we can setup a Google Ad words campaign where you will be charge $0.01 per click to promote your business online. Please note there there is no way your website can rank high on organic search result immediately after it goes live.

Your website developer can only include some element such as titles, heading, page name, meta-tags and description with keyword embedded in them which will slightly help with how well you rank on search engines.

A search engine like Google crawls on website before they deliver a web page to someone using the search engines.


Here are some questions you need to answer if you want to appear on search engine results

  1. Does the keyword search term appear on the title of the page?
  2. Is the keyword in the heading and content of the website?
  3. Does your keyword appear in the image alt tags?
  4. How many high authority website is linked to this page?

Search engine optimisation process takes some time- first you need to find most relevant keyword i.e keywords that are often search on search engine but don’t have a lot of competition, you need to find a way to include them on your website and also build quality links from other website to yours.

We do recommend you leave this to Search engine optimisation Specialist Company. Unless the Contract you sign with website Development Company includes SEO, don’t expect your website to rank high when your website is first launched.

Creating a new website can be fun and exciting, it is very important you make your expectations clear and communicate with your web developer before you start. Conduct your homework prior to hiring a website development agency, check their previous work, and look out for testimonials.

Understand that your website development company has most likely been doing their work for a while and they have the knowledge on how the internet works and what doesn’t. Listen to their recommendation; be flexible when discussing your ideas with your client and save yourself from a lot of time and frustration.

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