Why Instagram Is Still the Perfect Social Media

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Instagram was introduced in the year 2010. It has been 10 years and the growth of Instagram has not been slowing down at all. If you are an avid social media user, you might have noticed that every social media platform tends to keep borrowing the different ideas from the other platforms. Even Instagram has done so. However, there is no denying the fact that this social media platform is proving to be the best. Instagram has been trying to stay ahead by remaining one of the best social media platforms for not only the individuals but also the businesses.

Why Instagram Is Still the Perfect Social Media


Given below is a list of the reasons as to why Instagram is still the ideal social media platform

It is constantly adding new features

You cannot deny the fact that Instagram has undoubtedly walked a long path right from 2010 and it started as one of the best photo sharing applications. However, all these 10 years, this particular app has been making numerous changes and introducing amazing features, which has made it convenient and easy for both the big as well as small brands to flourish and engage with the customers or fans, as well as made new business niche for companies like Buzzvoice.

Certain simple and common features, like the ability to comment, liking comments, and sending messages, have made it easy for both the fans as well as the brands to communicate with one another. Other features, like archiving posts, taking polls in Instagram Stories, adding hashtags and usernames in the bio, saving the posts, etc., have been responsible for helping the businesses to manage the image of the brand on this platform.

It helps in creating a community

With numerous features connecting the users from different parts of the globe, it is obvious that Instagram helps in building a community. If you search for a particular hashtag, you are going to be connected to a number of people as well as businesses, who share similar kinds of images like you. This is definitely amazing as you can follow people who are like minded.

Publications and businesses build community with the help of branded hashtags, which helps in connecting them with the users. When you add Instagram photos, add Like4Like within your captions to get more likes.

Instagram helps you to share diverse media

You should share photos, illustrations, and videos, all together. You can also post everything that is going on behind the scene with the help of Instagram Stories. Creating quick boomerangs as well as casual conversations with your followers is also something that Instagram allows. On Instagram, you do not have to be your stringent self as a brand and you can communicate with anyone and everyone by sharing diverse media.
You can connect with a diverse audience

According to www.pkwydigital.com, 64% of the Instagrammers are between the age group of 18 to 34. This helps you to connect with more people, who will be interested in your brand.


It can be said that Instagram is not going to lose its popularity anytime soon. Go through all the reasons that have been listed above to understand why.

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