How to Attract More Followers on Instagram?

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If you don’t have an account on Instagram yet, you are missing a lot of things. After all, you will certainly have the curiosity that how a photo and the video-sharing social platform has got as much as 600 million active users.

How to Attract More Followers on Instagram

Don’t you want to have an account from where millions of people share your photos?

If yes, then get ready to roll up your sleeves and sign up for free on Instagram now. But what to do after creating an account? Certainly, you would be in search of raising the number of your followers, likes, and shares. So, here are few methods which can help you in getting wide followership on your Instagram account.

Post photos users can relate to

If you have ever seen the highly popular accounts on Instagram, you will see a common thing in them. All of these accounts have the photos of the stuff which users can relate to their real lives. These pictures are private, peculiar and real. By sharing this kind of pictures, you can create a strong link with the other people.

Update your profile at the right time

Before making any post on your profile, look around to know that in which time zone most of the people are living in and at what time they check-in to their accounts. Due to the mobility, there is no favorite time for Instagram users. Irrespectively, most of the Instagram users check in when they find some free time, that can be early mornings, or after the working hours.


Use Vibbi to boost your Instagram profile is oneof the leading services which works under the slogan of one spot for all kinds of the Instagram marketing. This tool offers the most efficient services and viable technologies to improve the marketing strategies.

You can buy Instagram likes and followers at very reasonable price and make the credibility of your account augmented.  

For getting the high number of Instagram followers, just go to the “Instagram Followers” tab, which will take you to the purchase window. This window is very simple, where a lot of packages are shown in the bold figures, and classified into prominent colors. You can get up to 10,000 followers from there in a single purchase, at affordable prices.

Vibbi assures that the users get the quality followers in a short period.

Take advantage of famous and relatable hashtags

Make a search on Google or Webstagram to look for the most famous hashtags, which are utilized to set your pictures on your account. You can use any relatable and relevant highly trending hashtags for getting more visibility of your pictures, which should produce more communication with people too. For instance, the top five picks for hashtags are: #love, #adorable, #tbt, #lol, #me.

Follow other users

If you want to be followed by others, you have followed them too. This is a quite simple technique of reciprocating that is very common on all the social media platforms. Thus, just instead of piling the photos on your account and hoping for people to visit it, and like it, you also need to interact with other people. In fact, you require remaining very active.

Look for the users and companies on Instagram that have got similar interests like you and then follow them, like or share their content. Try to follow Instagram stars more and more, interact with their accounts or even go for a shout-out.

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