Social Media – A Part of Your Online Marketing

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Likes on Instagram can bring an instant smile on the face of the account holder. And why so? It’s not just Instagram actually. The whole social media marketing goes like that. Whatever social media account you are having, you will be happy to see comments, likes, and shares on a post, and this is why social media is such a good place for marketing.

Social Media - A Part of Your Online Marketing


How to do social media marketing?

Social media marketing is all about spreading your messages on social media platforms to create a market and awareness about your product and online existence. This must be done such that:

  • The message is loud and clear
  • The message speaks clearly about the product, service or website if that is commercial, or about the cause if it’s a nonprofit or education or organization related.
  • The message can be in any form like the picture, video, or text. It can also be a sound file. But whatever form it is, it should be interesting.
  • The message must be engaging to attract an audience, get liked and shared and get comments about it.
  • The message must be easy to pass on to other profiles and social media accounts
  • Cross-platform sharing if possible on messages is the best thing for you.
  • The message must be to the point and short and simple, yet interesting and easy to grab
  • The concept must not be overloaded with conceptual or textual jargons so that the common man cannot connect to it.
  • The messages on social media must come from you at regular intervals. It should not be the case that you post something one day, and then forget and miss posting, and again remember posting a month afterward. If you are posting twice a week, then it should be continued that way, and if you post at a certain time of the day, then you must maintain that regularity and punctuality. This establishes your value before your followers for being regular, consistent, and active at cheap computer server.
  •  Social media posting is science rather. Here you try to stimulate the readers by stimulating the visual senses and thereby the minds. Hence every post must be a package of sensations.
  • Try as must of visual simulation as you can. Using social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest where people often go for image sharing, and viewing are the best places for stimulating your readers and viewers visually and create the market and awareness.

Why content is important for social media marketing?

According to “Great content marketing should guide and encourage traffic further into your sales funnel and convert that traffic into customers”. Content is the key aspect of digital and social media marketing. If you want to get attention of the target audience, you must present interesting variation of contents.
Another new type of content that’s making waves is expiring content, and it’s possible this might have been inspired by the Snapchat paradigm, where snaps are deleted after just 24 hours.

How to get faster attention to social media?

Social media has many platforms with many names. Some sites focus on member interaction, some in career talk and job searches, some on image sharing, some on micro blogging and so on. The most popular among the common man are Facebook and Instagram, and both are famous for solid reasons. While Facebook helps to connect with people easily and let’s share any media, Instagram focuses on picture sharing. With Instagram, you can share pictures easily and get much faster attention than any other form of media can bring you. In fact, it’s seen that visual stimulation grabs attention the fastest, and people get influenced and get the message the fastest with images. If you have to share a text too, the image format of the text is good for social marketing although this will not be good for SEO. But when you talk of social marketing, you do it for website traffic, and increased website traffic affects SEO positively in an indirect way.

How to get Instagram likes and views?

Instagram is a beautiful place to trigger your social media marketing. And if you are after the Instagram popularity of your account, then you have some great ways to trigger this. The more popular your account gets, the more people take an interest in your posts. And, it happens the other way also. With popular posts, the account gets popular too. Hence, you need public reactions to show how much you are being seen and discussed. And this needs likes, comments, shares, and Instagram views of the posts. That is why you need to post such images in IG, which are most likely to grab attention and get redistributed via shares, cross-platform sharing, etc.

How to use Instagram?

Using Instagram is also one thing to learn. Just like you use other social media accounts and learn things about them, you will have to learn this one too. The difference of Instagram with other social media platforms is at one major place. Instagram is a photo sharing site, and this site can be operated both from computer and smartphone. And Instagram has a desktop site, and a mobile app. But pictures can be uploaded to an Instagram account only from a mobile phone, and not from a computer. Only an app based smartphone or tab can help in uploading photos to IG account directly through the app. And this makes Instagram highly popular for all users of all locality and ages who have smartphones.

Here are filters to be applied to photos. After uploading a picture, or while uploading, the filters can be applied to beautify, highlight, focus on some parts, and make the picture special. With the filters, the other important things here are the tagging feature. You can use hashtags to tag the pictures on IG. And these tags mean a lot on targeting the viewers. Also, there are features to post comments, start a chat, like a picture, share it, and repost it on other social platforms. Also, Instagram accounts can contain one link in the bio place to help you send users or viewers to your website.

How to choose the best Social Media Agency?

If you are looking to draw performance, sales and revenues from social media, you would require a specialised team. Businesses have the option of either hiring social media experts from different fields or setting up an in-house team. Alternatively, they can simply work with the best social media agency.

It is important that you invite quotations from and some creative planning directions from different social media agencies. It is also important to ask for previous work experience, along with seeing some successful case studies. Once you are convinced, you can share your direction and see, whether it aligns with theirs. Once you are convinced, you can move on to retainer fees and discuss other intricacies.


Social media marketing can help you give new dimensions to your online marketing for involving the common man, your competitors, celebs and more in the process. You can attract attention, get more highlights, and in the process get lots of traffic. You can also generate a nice list of leads, email subscriptions and a lot more through social media marketing. And, Instagram marketing simply adds to the charm of the process thereby triggering your success faster.

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