7 Wakeboarding Tweets That Will Make You Rethink Your Strategy

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While wakeboarding and water ski’s may not be your entire life, your entire life definitely involves wakeboarding. Whether it’s the first thing you want to do when you crawl out of bed, or it’s the perfect weekend hobby, there are tons of potential opportunities in your wakeboarding world that you may have not thought of.

That’s why we’re here.

From wakeboarding for cash to cherishing the wipeouts, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these seven wakeboarding tweets that may just make you rethink your entire wakeboarding strategy.

Let’s roll.

1. Give Your Wakeboarding Experience a Boost of Energy

Always power up before you head out. You’re gonna need it.

2. Always Put Wakeboarding Before Mundane Responsibilities

Work = snooze. It can wait.

3. Twitch the Hell Out of Your Skills

Of course we’ve all captured still photos of our wakeboarding adventures. They show our personalities on social media and bring the fun to all of our followers. But still photos don’t always capture reality. Live streaming does.

The photos your choose to share only tend to show the best of the best. Live streaming is completely different. It shows the entire process: the struggles, the victories, fails and the overall epicness of your adventures.

Why not launch a Twitch channel and have one of your friends live stream entire sessions? You’re sure to bring in plenty of wakeboard enthusiasts to watch!

4. Put On a Wakeboarding Show For a Worthy Charity

Organize a wakeboarding event that raises money for a worthy charity!

5. Be the Expert Wakeboarder That Teaches Novices How It’s Done

Have you ever thought of turning your skills and love for wakeboarding into a lucrative business that will make your everyday life a dream come true? If not, now might be the perfect time to change the way you think.

6. Start Your Kids Early (When They’re Ready) and Make it a Family Affair

Of course, don’t force them into it.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Cherish the Epic Wipeouts

No matter what your skill level is, you’re sure to wipeout on a regular basis. That being the case, why not embrace the fail?

There You Have It

Have any of these Tweets inspired you? Let us know!

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