What Chessboard to Buy?

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Chess is a science game that favors the exercise and development of various mental abilities as well as the formation of scientific thought, since those who play it undergo constant testing of hypotheses that must be verified or discarded. This game, considered as a sport by the International Olympic Committee, promotes intellectual and recreational aspects while promoting socialization. Whether you are a chess teacher or if you are among the parents who have already discovered the cognitive stimulation potential that this noble game has for your little ones, you will need to buy a good quality chessboard and some chips worthy of a champion.

What chessboard to buy

There are different types of chess boards , depending on some variables that you should consider before deciding to buy your ideal chessboard: the utility  that you will give to it (it is not the same as buying it as a decorative element, as a collector, or to play a lot and seriously), the material (depending on your tastes and personal preferences, for example, you can find fantastic handmade chess boards ), the use you give to the board (it is key to know if you will use it to travel or will not leave home), and who will be the people who use it habitually (children, the elderly).

The utility of the Chess Board

As a collector, you will find authentic wonders in the English Court, and you will enjoy selecting battle soldiers and other models, diving between magnetic chess boards, going through boards and glass chess pieces, or pine wood boards, artisan chess boards, etc. The size of a good chessboard is between 43-46 cm, and up to 50 cm is acceptable. And do not worry if at first, you think that the board or the chips are too big at your discretion, trust us … as you see, the size does matter!

Chess Board Material

We can basically choose between boards and pieces of wood, and boards and pieces of plastic/vinyl. Pieces and wooden chess sets have a warmer texture, aesthetically they are more pleasant, although theoretically, they have a shorter useful life (obviously also depends on the raw material they are made from, it would not be the case if they are made of wood of ebony, of a very high quality e.g). On the contrary, plastic or vinyl chessboards are more economical, practically unbreakable, and offer very good performance in their quality/price ratio. The reasons outlined makes the chess pieces and plastic pieces they are the most used in most chess clubs.

Therefore, in terms of the basic material will be your tastes and preferences, and the assessment you make of the factors discussed what determines your final decision. Another aspect to keep in mind at this point is the brightness of the chess pieces. These can be matte or glossy, not so on the boards that are always matte. Once again it will be your preferences that determine the choice, but in our opinion, in the event that you decide on the chess pieces with brightness, you will have better visibility on the board.

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