Quickly and Easily Manage Your Work Document on the Go

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The mobile technology is rapidly expanding, and today there is almost nothing that you can’t do on your smartphone that in some way doesn’t help you with your business activities. Adopting the usage of mobile devices in your regular workday can greatly increase your productivity.

Quickly and Easily Manage Your Work Document on the Go

You can share the important files with your colleagues in a matter of seconds, you can read and edit those document without even downloading them to your phone. Generally, we can track our spendings and our daily habits to see what areas are we good at and where we can have some improvements.

To find out more how to improve your document management more efficiently on your iPhone, take a look at some of the tips that might help you.



Cloud Storage

Cloud services are very useful for all employees and business owners. You can use cloud storages like Google Drive for iOS to safely store all your documents. One of the advantages of using this service is that you can instantly access all documents from anywhere and they are all stored in one place. But, Google Drive isn’t useful only for file storage, it can be used in many other ways.

You can also create documents in Google Docs, presentations in Google Slides and spreadsheets in Google Sheets. All of these documents can be shared with specific users, you can invite all your colleagues to read the document or you can also allow them to contribute to the document. So, other than cloud storage and document creation instrument, it can be used as team collaboration tools as well.

Editing PDF documents on the go

Most business reports, contracts and documents are shared as PDF documents. Reasons for using the PDFs are numerous. Some of them include: easy sharing, small file size, documents looking the same on all devices, can be password protected, etc. From the business standpoint, it would be unprofessional that document has some weird formatting or font which is not supported on some operating systems.

On the other hand, the inability to edit PDF can be a major sit back in your work productivity. To overcome this problem the PDF converters have been developed to turn the PDF into a more suitable document, such as MS Word.

While you are in the office the usage of online converters is encouraged, but when you are out office then you should have a plan B, like the PDF to Word Converter app that will convert PDF on the go. You can also connect to your cloud storage to convert files from there, as well.

Tracking Expenses

Tracking how you spend your money in professional and personal life can be a very eye-opening insight. Your business goals are always connected to the profit you make, but for that, you also need to know how much you earn in total and more importantly how much you spend.

One such app that can help you with tracking your expenses is PocketGuard app. You can connect your bank account information, loans, bills, investments and net earnings, all in one place. If you spend a lot of time traveling, then you should use a special app, Expensify, that scan and track invoices, make expense reports, track traveling costs and much more.

Don’t get lost in the sea of invoices or lose count of your loans and earnings. When you get to know your expenses better than you could make smarter business decisions and see how can you improve your budgeting in general.

Scanning Documents

Next time when you take a business trip, instead of worrying about your personal documents and flight boarding passes, try scanning them first. Same goes for the office usage, you better be prepared and have that contract or business reports with yourself all the time. And what is the better place to keep all those documents than your phone?

With the mobile cameras improvement, we have received the great document creation tools that allow us to make scanned documents very quickly. Scanbot Scanner, for instance, can help you with making quick scanned PDFs. It will crop background around the document edges, making your document look sharp and without any distractions. There is also an easy sharing option that allows you to send the documents as an email or upload it to the cloud.

By making backups of the documents in your phone you will be confident and prepared for the next meeting or business trip.

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