5 Useful Tricks to Rebrand Your Product with Custom Packaging

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With the growth of the potential market, competition between businesses is also growing rapidly. That’s why sometimes it is hard for your product to bring continuous fortune to your business. Sales may decline as new competitors are entering the market with a new marketing strategy. Sometimes a successful brand may also need to revise its marketing strategy once again. This marketing strategy may include many things but rebranding your product requires newly designed packaging as well. That’s the main reason you may start searching for custom-designed box packaging at wholesale rates. In this post, you will know the reasons, tips to redesign, and the best place to get custom packaging for rebranding. Initially, let’s see some reasons that why it is sometimes necessary to rebrand a product.

5 Useful Tricks to Rebrand Your Product with Custom Packaging

• To Remove Misunderstanding or Negative News

It would be best if you were very careful in this era of social media where a minor thing noticed by someone may create a misunderstanding about your product, and that news may spread like wildfire in the whole world. For example, when iPhone 4 was launched, some people noticed its signal problem whenever someone touches both sides of the antenna at the lower end of the phone. So apple had to answer all the questions revolving around the web; in the end, they changed in design to handle this problem.

• To Reflect Company Businesses

Sometimes your company launches new products and starts other business or want to change logo according to business needs. For example, to reflect your company business on the product packaging, you may need to change packaging style and design to express new features or business domains.

• To Find New Target Market

You may need to change designs to target a new market or age sector. For example, let say you were in the men’s perfume business and need to market the women’s sector as well, then a unique style and design of packaging will be necessary to target a new area of the market.

There are many other factors to change the packaging but above mentioned are most important.

1. Improved Visibility

The looks of a product play an essential role in the sales or buying decision of the product. If a product is not being sold, there are higher chances that it’s not noticeable on the shelves. If your product is placed on the shelf with other competitor products and no one can even read the name of your product, then it’s not going to be sold very quickly due to lack of attraction. On the other hand, if your product is appealing in looks, it can change the buyer’s buying decision at that time. That’s why your product should be visibly clear and attractive.

2. ColorDecision

According to BBC.com Human eye can differentiate around a million different colors. Colors also have meanings and effects on people, so it is a significant part of a business selecting the best eye-catching colors for their products. If you are going to rebrand your product color factor is a crucial part to be considered. Go to a market and look for the shelf where your product is going to sit. Then, you can decide what color attracts you more; then, it would be helpful to choose better for your upcoming product. For example, bright and funky colors for the drinks attract more, even if their taste is the same. If your competition industry is different, you may need to use low-level colors or blackish styles to attract your market.

3. Shape and Size

An awkward-styled product may look different but will not support the diversion of the buyer’s decision. You can choose the shape of your product by looking at your competitor’s products. If they are of the same style and shape, you should use a different one to look attractive. In addition, you can choose a different beautiful design for your product to enhance the buying experience. To rebrand your product, you should change its look and style to a new and more attractive one. For example, Pepsi decided to change its traditional cold drink style to a new sleek and convenient one for more user-friendly and to attract more customers. You can rebrand your serial product by changing a different type of customized packaging that is user-friendly and attractive.

4. Appeal for Design

Packaging design is the next more critical point in the process of the rebranding of the product. Your design will be a communication channel for your customers. It is your brand knowledge being delivered to your buyers.

Like more prominent brands, only use their well-known logo printed in a bigger size. For example, you might have seen Apple uses their logo on the packaging, and Mcdonald’s uses their most famous slogan with a logo M on their product packaging. Nowadays, you can do tons of customizations to your packaging. You have a free choice for color design impression embossing, debossing UV styling, and very nicely crafted packaging designs available in the market. Let professionals design your packaging so that they can design long-lasting futuristic designs for you. For example, Inkbotdesign.com McDonald’s changed its logo and design on packaging many times from 1948 to 2021, but the campaign started in 2003 with printed “I am loving it” on them is most popular till now.

You should as for suggestions and hire professionals to design your packaging designs that are more delicate and lasts longer than ever.

5. Proper Communication

All of the above changes are dedicated to attracting your buyer to take a closer look at your product. So now it’s your chance to deliver them knowledge about the product in very few wordings and create an image about your product in the buyer’s mind. Like if your product about selling a fresh salad, then your target should be a health-conscious customer, and you should write appropriate words to satisfy them about the freshness of your product. You can use pictures or short effective writing to make your product the right choice for them.


Using these five techniques, you can restart your product in a new way and grow your business very efficiently. For example, to customize your unique packaging, you can visit Stampa Prints to get incredible ideas about the customization of the product and hire them for your customization partners. They provide every kind of design in a minimum timeframe. Then, get a quote and start evolving in the market to generate more profit.

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