Best Thread for Industrial Sewing Machine

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Best Thread for Industrial Sewing Machine

Sewing threads is one of the important factors affecting the quality of sewing machines.

Agree, it guarantees the quality of the garment, its appearance and the overall perception.

Good quality sewing thread must be of good quality in all respects:

  • To have balance of a twist which defines to a great extent its durability, its breakage;
  • Durability and uniformity of color;
  • Glitter;
  • Equality;
  • Roundness.

Let’s explain in more detail what characteristics the thread should possess:

Elasticity and variability

The very high elasticity of the thread causes the seam to tighten. Under the influence of tension, which is inevitable when sewing on any sewing machine, the seam is deformed. To avoid such a defect in sewing, it is necessary to keep the thread constantly, pressing it, then it will not be too tight.

Strength and elongation

The strength of the sewing thread does not play a decisive role in the sewing process itself; the thread is chosen with such an account to provide stitch strength. The high quality of the threads – their strength – depends on the appearance of the product, the prevention of deformation of clothing when ironing and the passage of stitches in the seam when piercing the fabric.

All this provides high quality, important in the industrial production of clothing. On high-speed sewing machines, the friction needle overheats under the influence of friction. Care should be taken to ensure that the filament is not melted or broken when exposed to high temperatures.

It is also important to mention the needle for the machine, because it depends on the quality of the sewing itself. There is a great variety of them. Among the well-known companies such as Schmertz, Groz-beckert. They deserve universal recognition and the status of the most reliable manufacturers! The needles of these manufacturers are distinguished by their high durability and quality. More than 3,000 types of needles are produced for all areas of sewing production, various types of fabrics and types of seams. Branches are located in more than 150 countries.

Summarizing our article on the best threads for industrial machines, we can say that the choice is large, but the main indicators remain: durability, elasticity, heat-conductivity, heat resistance, because in the process of working on high-speed sewing machines there are high temperatures in the mechanisms of the machine and the sewing material.

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