Tucson SEO Tips: Boost Your Business With Search Localization

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If you own a business of any kind, chances are that you already made some investments into SEO and overall your online presence. But you are not quite at the top of the results pages yet, right? Wondering why?

Tucson SEO tips - boost your business with search localization

We talked to a Tucson SEO expert team who say that local businesses tend to overlook the benefits of local-specific SEO, and this costs them in ratings and profit. Therefore, we put together this handy little guide to help you fix that! So how do you go about reaping those benefits?

Better your content marketing

When Google categorizes all of the search results and decides which sites have the authority to rank top of the list, it evaluates a lot of different things, including the quality and exact nature of your content and its relevance to the initial query. A new trend has it also giving higher scores to greater content quantity, which is a great weapon for you: you have more space to be creative and unique with your offer.

Get crafty on this one. Research local topics and offer engaging, relevant content related directly to Tucson affairs. Bonus points if it is somehow relevant to the nature of your business! For example, if you own a restaurant, write a blog series about unique local ingredients, or dig up the story of your grandmother’s oldest recipe and make it your new hit dish.

Boost your inbound links building

When it comes to search engine optimization, the skills and arts of link building are the single most preached item you will ever find, anywhere. And this is for good reason, too, since it is an essential strategy for generating traffic. Check out this link for an in-depth look at internal linking and how to turn it to your favor.

The most important point to take away in this regard is this: your links will carry as much weight as the page that they are found on, and not a single bit more. Since the predominant strategy for getting inbound links is to have your content published on a third party website or blog, you had better be as picky as a Victorian lady about who that third party will be.

A higher authority source domain translates to greater link value for you. For example, an industry publisher known across the state or country is far more credible than an up-and-coming blogger whose only followers are their friends or neighbors.


Employ social media

This links into the first and third points we made: content quantity and the social factor. To make your web pages seem more appealing and more relevant to Google’s artificial brains, strive to get back links from as many different domains as you possibly can.

Obviously, this would require lots of time and careful strategizing, and not everyone has the patience for that. So instead, consider discreetly recruiting your own social media following, existing and new. If you are wondering which networks make for good starting points, take a look at this useful article: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/the-10-best-social-media_b_11654820

Curate your content to single out the very best, then post it on all of the social platforms that are available to you. Make sure that your personal brand is visible in each post, and consider getting a local influencer in cahoots to help you spread the word. This way, you will have an “extended following” specific to Tucson, and whenever someone shares your content, you get a link point.

Go for the alternate niches too

Finally, stop for a moment and consider your target customer circle. Then take another moment and think about your competition. Are both found wiggling in the same industry niche? Then you are fighting over the same keywords in the search bar, which is a major bottleneck.

So invest some time and effort into coming up with some alternative keywords and phrases that are still specific to your industry and relevant to your business. Focus on the services, products, or offers that are different between you and your competitors, and include specific terminology.

What is your own favorite strategy for establishing a strong local presence? Tell us in the comments!

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