Getting Your Website to the Top of Google

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Many website owners aspire to be at the top of Google for their chosen keywords, which is much easier said than done. Digital marketing requires budget, time, patience, and perseverance, and even then, you are at the mercy of the search engines. However, there are things that you can do to give yourself the best chance possible of achieving the coveted number one positions.

Getting Your Website to the Top of Google

Below are some of the things you will need to do to make this dream a reality and dominate your sector in the search engines.

Create A Responsive Website That Is Simple To Navigate

The first step to dominating Google and other search engines is to build a website. However, not just any website will do, and you will need to ensure that it is responsive and appears correctly in all browsers and on all devices. It will also need to have an intuitive design and allow users to navigate around your site easily.

You will need to pay attention to many details, and it is worthwhile bringing in a search engine optimisation company Brisbane or your local area relies on to work with your web developers on the design. The advantage of thinking about SEO in the development stage is you can ensure your onsite is solid and healthy and will be ready to hit the ground running when it is complete.

Keywords Selection

You will need to do a lot of keyword research to help you identify the keywords and phrases you want to target with your website. You will need to exhaust all keyword possibilities. Going to an SEO expert can help you with the task.

Adding High-Quality Content

Once you know what keywords you are targeting with the help of a reputable online marketing service, the same service can help you use those keywords to finish off working on your onsite and ensure that your page titles are correct and not duplicated. You will have to add high-quality content that contains your chosen keywords in the headers and body of the text. Your content must be engaging and relevant to the user; you should have the user in mind when writing it, rather than the search engines, and it also must be 100% unique.

Concentrate On The Mobile Version Of Your Website

Although you want all versions of your website to load correctly, you need to pay particular attention to the mobile version of your site. Google uses the mobile version when crawling your site to determine its rankings, and as well as loading correctly, it also needs to load quickly. People have no patience when it comes to websites, and if it takes too long to load, they will leave and go to a competitor. You can check this using the Google Page Speed insights tool.

An Ongoing Task

You will need to continue marketing your website once it is complete and has gone live. You can use various link building techniques that your digital agency can assist you with, and you will also need to embrace social media to help increase your online visibility and brand awareness. With some time, patience, and investment, you can get your website to the top of Google and the other search engines and reap the benefits from being in the number one positions for your keywords.

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