10 Free Blogging Tools to Reduce Blogging Expenses

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Usually, when we start blogging, the first blogs were mostly glorified online journals. The main focus was not to become a professional blogger and making money online wasn’t the actual goal. Nowadays, the blogosphere has evolved, and even people do blogging for many different purposes. There are different types of blogs such as business, fashion, lifestyle, food, and entertainment blogs, among others. Over the past few decades, the blogging scene has developed tremendously; the benefits of blogging are still huge.


Blogging Tools to Reduce Blogging Expenses


Here are some of the reasons why people blog and how blogging is affecting your personal or professional life in a positive way.

  • Gives you a better job opportunity
  • Begin with a New Business
  • Gather More Clients to Your Existing Business
  • Try to become a Better Writer
  • Established as a Published Author
  • Get Immediate Feedback
  • Try to Learn More about a Group of People
  • Achieve better Influence on audience
  • Try to Establish Yourself as an Expert
  • Create a Network
  • Get better Your SEO
  • Collect the details of all Emails related to your work
  • Sell a Product
  • Talk to Your Idols
  • Properly Express Yourself
  • Focus on Helping Others
  • Establish and Build Trust Online.
  • Manage Control of Your Online Identity

As a blogger, you are already publishing great content but in reality are you really happy with the total number of how people that are reading your blog posts?

There are a lot of tips and free blog seo tools available online for gathering more and more traffic to your website. But did you know the fact that there are some free tools available online that can make your work a bit easier if you are going to use them and this will even give you a huge advantage and won’t cost you anything?




Here are some Free Blogging Tools that you can include in your working life which can further help you to improve your headlines, and get better insights in order to boost your blog visibility, different platforms you can influence for traffic, and other tools to gather more eyeballs to your blog includes the following tools:-

1. For analyzing your traffic you should use the Google Analytics & webmaster

The Google analytic is the genuine and decent solution for monitoring traffic on your blog. With the use of this tool, you will get the target audience information, traffic statistics and Google Analytics is one of the best solutions for this; you’ll get all the usual audience information, social referral data and traffic statistics.

In this tool, you are also able to setup the goal tracking option. So if you created a confirmation page that your readers can see after they already sign up to your email list, you can add that URL in and you’ll see which traffic sources convert the best.

The Google Webmaster Tools is a kind of warehouse of tools for webmasters.  It is a very useful tool that gives you the authority to establish a two-way communication with the Google and adjust many aspects of how Google sees your site, adjust the crawl rate at which Google bot indexes your site, a proper list of all the external and internal links to your website, check the keywords users typed to land on your site, as well as the click through rate for each keyword, see your site’s statistics, and many more.


If you want to use Google Webmaster Tools, then firstly you need to join it.  Once you are done with the joining process you have to go through the verification process, in order to let the Google knows you are the legal owner of the site you want to use the  Google Webmaster Tools on.

Once the whole verification process id did then you can have Google code in place on your site, after that you can simply start enjoying the advantages of Google Webmaster Tools. When you log into your Google Webmaster Tools account, the first thing you see is the Dashboard:

Google Webmaster Tools
Here are different major sections that you can enjoy includes the following – Search Queries, Crawl Errors, Keywords,  Links to Your Site, and Sitemaps. Clicking on any of these will open the respective section.

If you implement the use of   Google Webmaster Tools along with the Google Analytics, the results will be even better. In case if you are using Google Analytics then you can directly access your Google Webmaster through it, with just a few efforts you can easily integrate it with Google Webmaster Tools, too.

2. Use of Image Editing Tools for gathering more traffic to your website:

Image editing tools enable you the feature of improving the quality of traditional photographic images into new digital or modified images using different tools or software. Its main focus is to create the best possible look of the images in order to improve the overall image quality based on different parameters.

Top Image Editing Tools & Apps

Some of the available free Image Editing Tools for image creation that you can use are:-
SUMO Paint

3. Keywords Analysis Tools:

The keywords you can say is the basic pillar of any website. The Search engine optimisation by the professional’s research based on keywords, result in better rankings of the website in search engines. Once you find a correct niche according to your website then keyword expanded based on it to should be done in order to find similar keywords.  Basically, Keyword research is an essential component for any search engine optimisation because when used accurately it provides a proper overview of both the design and execution of building websites and developing content. Keywords can be broken up and grouped based on the number of words within the query phrases.

Keywords Analysis tools
Some of the free available tools for keyword research are:
Keyword Planner is one of the best free blogger tools for keyword research.
Keyword keg
Keyword Discovery
Keyword IO

4. WordPress Popup – to get customers, inquiries:

The main purpose of WordPress popup contact form is to get the visitors directly to your website in just one simple click and after that, they can instantly be able to email you and your team…without cluttering the interface of your website.

Wordpress Popup - to get customers, inquiries

Usually, the contact form is a part of the super standard to most of the websites; you’ll even notice this fact that many existing themes and plugins come already equipped with one. The main issue is that these contact forms are bit bulky.

5. Include Social Sharing tools:

You might don’t know this fact that social sharing is the best way to reach more and more without paying for any kind of advertising? Just let your visitors share your content, create mailing lists and engage with your audience. The use of social sharing and plug-in will make you’re a work bit easy by boosting the traffic of your website.

Social Sharing tools
There are few free social sharing tools that are available online are:
• Shareaholic
• Simple Share Buttons Adder
• WP Social Sharing
• Custom Share Buttons
• AddToAny Share Buttons
• Sumo Image Sharer
• AddThis.com
• ShareThis

6. SEO Yoast:

The Yoast SEO is officially known as WordPress SEO by Yoast. It is a complete WordPress SEO plug-in which is available for WordPress users. It includes almost every feature from a snippet editor till the functionality of real-time page analysis which is helpful in optimising your pages content, meta descriptions, meta descriptions, images titles,  and more to XML sitemaps and loads of optimisation options in between.




7. The use of Akismet:

Akismet which is a comment spam filtering service. You might unaware of this fact that on popular websites, a number of spam comments could get around 85%. This means that only 15 are genuine out of every 100 comments. The task of Comment moderation is a time-consuming process, and in that situation, the use of Akismet can save you hours. The tool Akismet will easily catch spam comments before it gets submitted to your moderation queue as pending. This targets you to focus your energy on moderating comments by real users.

8. WP htAccess Control:

The other common name of WP htaccess Control is accessed and Rewrite Control. It basically provides you an interface in order to customise the access file which is generated by WordPress along with its permalinks (category, author, archives, pagination and custom taxonomies.
• Proper Customising the access file generated by WordPress;
• Delete any custom taxonomy’s slug base from the permalinks;
• From permalinks, the category base should be removed.
• Exclude the author base from permalinks.

9. WP Super Cache:

The use of static plugin WP Super for WordPress websites in order to generate HTML files that are served directly by Apache without any kind of processing which includes comparatively heavy PHP scripts.

After reading about the top free blogging tools if you still have any queries then you can contact the experts of free blogger tools and widgets for better traffic and visibility of your blog over different search engines

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