Top 8 Best Inventory Management Apps for Shopify

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There is a considerable need for excellent inventory management for people who want to improve their businesses on Shopify. Inventory management is essential for achieving both of these goals, which are requirements for all Shopify Sites.

To keep track of everything from your order status to the stock level, you will need to track and manage inventory constantly. Shopify Site support is always eager to help you with any issues, but You can control and track inventory data only using Shopify’s Inventory Management Apps. These apps allow you to manage, track and communicate with your suppliers and customers.

Top 8 Best Inventory Management Apps for Shopify

In this article, you will find a list of the best Inventory Management Apps for Shopify to make the most of all the new and improved features available on this platform. To begin reading, scroll down to read our complete list!

The top 08 Shopify inventory management apps for 2022 are listed below.

1. QuickBooks Commerce:

Let’s start with a well-known name: QuickBooks, one of the most popular and widely used platforms for Shopify inventory management. QuickBooks offers standard and scalable pricing depending on your specific needs. It is essential for those who want to track orders, inventory, payments, and more.

You can use it to manage inventory effectively because it allows you to manage multiple stores from one place. It can help you quickly and efficiently track every order on Shopify. The Shopify development team is working hard on updating QuickBooks in order to make it even more customizable and user-friendly.

A few key feature include:

  • Expand your reach: Shopify accounts can be linked to QuickBooks. This will enable you to increase your sales by expanding to new markets.
  • Automate your accounting: With its app, you can automate your accounting and tax at the click of a button.
  • Gain visibility: You will have access to advanced tools to ensure all your customers know exactly what you need from them.

2. Stock Sync:

Now let’s talk about Stock Sync. It is an app used for syncing inventory to Shopify. Using the app, you can take complete control of your business and have access to a range of tools that will enable you to make the most of your inventory and increase your sales:

You can use Stock Sync to sync all your inventory in real-time and keep track of your stock on Shopify. You will have access to an advanced dashboard that will allow you to change how you run your business. Your fingertips will have instant access to everything without the need for any manual inputting.

A few key features include:

  • Sync inventory in real-time: You’ll have instant access to the latest inventory data, so there are no delays when making purchases or selling items on Shopify.
  • Track profit margins easily: You can track each product’s profit margin in real-time and make smarter decisions.
  • Manage multiple products at once: You’ll be able to manage all your products, categories, and items without having to do so manually.

3. Inventory Planner:

Inventory Planner is the perfect solution for those who want to manage inventory on Shopify. This app allows you to control the list of multiple stores and locations. It is a must-have for any company with various lines, products, or SKUs.

It supports all of your inventory, regardless of the quantity, at the click of a button. This app can help you achieve three main goals: Improve your margins, visibility, and customer service.

A few key features include:

  • Manage multiple locations: With this app, you can conveniently manage your inventory and orders no matter which location the order is coming from.
  • Improve customer service: This app will help you communicate with your customers from all of your Shopify accounts.
  • Manage lines and SKUs: You will be able to manage all the lines, products, and SKUs, which you can then sync automatically.

4. Restock Alerts:

Restock Alerts is one of the more comprehensive Shopify inventory management apps. It can be used by anyone responsible for order fulfillment on Shopify. Anyone can use it, from manufacturers to retailers and other third-party vendors.

The app allows you to manage both your orders and stocks easily. It takes a few clicks to synchronize what you need with Shopify, which will be a huge time-saver. You will get reliable access to all the most recent data about your inventory, so there are no further delays when making purchases or selling items on Shopify.

A few key features include:

  • Dynamic restocking notification: This app will notify you if you’re running low on any item in real-time so that you can quickly restock as soon as possible.
  • Customizable inventory view: You will have complete control over the products on Shopify and decide what to display in this tool.
  • Automatically update orders: You can automatically update orders in real-time, so there are no delays when making purchases or selling items on Shopify.

5. Skubana:

Another excellent app for Shopify inventory management, Skubana, is a cloud-based service that can help you manage all of your stock, orders, and orders and other various data in real-time. You can track your entire inventory on Shopify and interact with multiple customers simultaneously.

You can integrate this app with your existing systems so that it can support the data on both Shopify and third-party systems. The app is also helpful because it integrates with multiple cloud-based platforms, allowing easy integration into more complex online business structures.

A few key features include:

  • Real-time data: You can track your inventory, orders, and sales to know how much stock is left on any given day.
  • Integrate with other systems: There are multiple integrations available for Skubana. Therefore you can easily integrate with your existing systems, like your accounting system or CRM.
  • Manage multiple stores: You’ll be able to manage various Shopify stores from a single location.

6. Veeqo Inventory :

Veeqo Inventory is a free app that can run on Shopify. This app is ideal for any company with multiple lines and products. It allows you to manage the inventory of various products and stores using a single tool.

Everything is handled by Veeqo, including order processing, product shipping, and inventory control. On all platforms, the order level is current and real-time. Veeqo has a backup support team on call around-the-clock to assist you if you run into any problems.

A few important features include:

  • Report your orders and shipments: All of your orders and shipments will be reported automatically, so you can keep track of everything as it happens.
  • Sync automatically between devices: This app can be used on all platforms and devices so that you will have access to the latest data.
  • Sync multiple stores: You’ll be able to sync your inventory from various stores and locations through the app.

7. Sellbrite :

Sellbrite is an inventory management and order management app that can help you order, process, and manage your inventory in real time. It will allow for real-time updating of your stock and a comprehensive view of all the latest data.

You can manage any number of orders through the app so that you don’t have to deal with a lengthy process to fulfill them and update any third-party systems. You will also be able to manage multiple platforms from a single location if you want to save time on this task.

A few key features include:

  • Accessible anywhere: You can access the Sellbrite app through any device or platform you want, thus customers always have the most recent information available.
  • Easily manage multiple stores: The app can be used to manage all of the products and addresses from any number of stores.
  • Access multiple platforms: You can access the Sellbrite app on any user-friendly forum you want.

8. ShipHero :

ShipHero is an app that you can use to track all of the orders and inventory on the Shopify platform. It doesn’t require you to have any specific type of store to use this app, as it can be used for any online store using Shopify.

You can track your inventory when any item has been shipped out or is left at the door. The app lets you open a chat box so you can interact with your shipping partner, receive updates on how they are receiving and processing your orders, and ask them questions about when the items are expected to arrive.

A few features include:

  • Track orders: You will be able to track the orders you have placed through the app and receive real-time updates about any new developments.
  • Chat with your shipping partner: The app allows you to chat with your shipping partner so that you can receive updates on how they are receiving and processing your orders.
  • Real-time updates: You will be able to see real-time updates about the orders you have placed and act without delay if there is an issue.


Inventory management is an essential part of the eCommerce process. If you want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your Shopify store, Using these eight top Shopify inventory management apps can save you a lot of time. There are even more apps available for Shopify users, but these eight represent the best of the best.

If you want to try one out, then download the accessible version of an app and see how well it works for your business! You will quickly see that these apps offer valuable functionality that can simplifies the process to run any online business.

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