3 Useful Language Apps That You Can Use

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Learning a new language is a great help to a lot of people, whether going on a vacation, learning for your school exam, meeting new people, or even just wanting to learn new things. There’s a lot of ways when it comes to learning a new language, like reading books, listening to CD’s, writing advertisements, learning through the internet, or taking online classes. If you want to extend what language your mind can use, you can also resort to using mobile apps to improve this type of skill.

3 Useful Language Apps That You Can Use

Thanks to a bunch of language learning mobile apps, it’s now easier to learn and pick up a new language. These apps can help the lives of every people, especially travelers, to interact with people from different cultures and languages. Vacation in other countries is now more comfortable and convenient, so here’s a list of language apps that can be useful to you.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is the leader when it comes to teaching languages for 25 years already and makes a mobile app for convenience. This app has 24 languages you can choose from, and you can quickly learn the basics. How does it work? You have to listen to the words said and repeated and match phrases to photos.

Rosetta Stone can easily monitor your progress with correct answers in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. You can access this learning tool app when you subscribe to it, but there is a free trial for the first lesson. If you are vital to learning a new language, this mobile learning app is the perfect option for you. You can also search for Rosetta Stone and know how it can help you.


Just like flashcards that provide great help to students when taking their exams, Memrise also works that way. It is so simple and easy, and it’s like a friend is helping you get through your lessons but digitally. Cyrillic alphabet is one of the guiding methods when starting to learn some countries’ language, for example, you want to learn Russian.

It’s this app interface that makes it attractive and encouraging to users. If you are serious in lengthening your language skills, check out Memrise Pro. It offers chatbots, games, and an offline feature for learning wherever you are. A lot of users also consider Memrise as one of the best apps when it comes to learning Spanish.


Duolingo has a brilliant and bright interface that attracts users. It helps you get progressive at your own pace, and you can start from simple phrases to complicated sentences. This app helps you in every step of the way, lets you know when you have mistakes, and praises you after getting things correctly.

This learning app points out writing, pronunciation, and reading by giving you a challenge with different fun activities. Duolingo will surprise you by learning the basics without even noticing it. Revisiting the previous lessons to strengthen your weaknesses is very easy.


Today we interact with a lot of people from different cultures and countries. Learning and speaking multiple languages can improve your memory, more effective communication, and enhances your perception. It helps you in lots of ways, like in business, making new friends, even having the advantage when it comes to jobs. Put simply, and it’s a great process to push yourself to the limit.

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