Tips for Dating After 40

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So you think you’re way past your prime and that you’re no longer sellable in the love market? Well, you might want to think again. These days, when people say love has no age limit, they’re not kidding. In fact, it would seem that love really begins when women turn 30. I mean have you watched 13 Going 30? Jennifer Garner basically summed up the life of a woman during her 30’s – thirty, flirty, and thriving (read more). And if 30 is the start, then don’t the latter 40s become your prime years for love?

Dating as an adult has its merits. Today, we’ll start off with telling you exactly what these merits are.

Advantages of Dating in Your 40’s

Advantages of Dating in Your 40s

You might think that dating in the 4th decade of your life is nothing but trouble. After all, the very fact that you’re still single at this time of your life is probably because you’ve had it with love and relationships. It could be that you’ve experienced a failed marriage (or two), got your heart broken by some jerk you dated for a long time, or maybe you simply did not feel like participating in such relationships when you were younger.

Well, there always comes a time when you feel ready to take a shot at love again. There’s no knowing when that time is. I guess you just wake up one day and realize that you need someone to support you, to cherish and celebrate you for who you really are. And if that day comes when you’re 45, what’s so wrong with that?

Contrary to popular opinion, love gets better as you age. In fact, it gets sweeter. This is why there is literally no reason that can stop you from dating in your 40’s. Here are just a few of the many perks you can get/experience when you date later in life:

No Curfews

When you’re forty, chances are likely that you have a stable job and can afford yourself the luxury of time. Also, at this stage in life, most of us would have our parents off our backs so you can literally do whatever we want. You can come home at 3 in the morning and no one will have a problem with it. You can stay out for a whole week and not get grounded even. When you’re forty, dating becomes all the more exciting – not to mention, free. You can checkout some over 40 dating sites here.

Date On Your Own Terms

Another advantage when you’re dating in your forties is that you get to call the shots. You know exactly what you want and how to get it. Nobody can tell you what or what not to do. In other words, you have the freedom to choose who, where, and when to date. You date on your own terms because you’re an adult who’s no longer in the field just to be playing games. And the best part is that your partners from this point forward are probably thinking the same thing.

Meet Mature Partners

Men get better with age, do you believe that? Well, you should. This is a research proven fact. In one article, it is even said that men peak maturity at the age of 44 years old, that’s 11 years later than women who peak at the age of 33. The reason why most of your relationships failed in the past is probably because the men you dated back then were emotionally immature. Yes, they may look like adults but a lot of men think like babies. They can be selfish, ego-centric, uncommitted, and childish. They’d literally spend more time playing video games than hanging out with you. Like, can you believe this:

Men who are in the forties or fifties however, look at relationships differently. They’ve had enough of games and are more than ready to settle down. This is what makes dating at this point in life all the more meaningful. You can find partners who think on the same wavelength as you – and that’s precious.

Now that you’re all set to go into this grand romantic adventure. I believe it would only be appropriate for us to leave you with a few good tips on how you should approach dating in your forties. To make sure you get the best experience out of this grand (if not the grandest) time of your life, make sure to follow these:

Tips for Dating After 40

Just Go Where the Wind Will Take You

Yes, you’re no longer too young to be playing games. I understand that what you are searching for at this stage in your life is probably something substantial. However, you’re also at the stage of your life wherein you should embrace every opportunity that comes by. You need to learn how to live for fun because that’s what you ought to be doing at this point. Don’t let fear overcome what’s possible.

Live In The Moment

Stop looking at the clock. Stop acting like your time is running out soon. It’s good to be aware of the fact that time passes continuously. It helps you appreciate the life you have. However, if you’re too concerned about time, it can ruin the whole magic of dating for you as well. If you keep chasing after seconds, you’ll end up rushing decisions and jumping into situations that you’ll later on regret. So instead of trying to chase time and building a really secure future, invest some of that energy in the present. Live in the moment; feel it. If you’re not going to enjoy your life, who will?

Age Is Just A Number

Whenever someone takes an interest in you (even if it’s a younger guy), stop trying to make your age an issue. If he doesn’t mind, then you shouldn’t too. Most guys will approach you simply because they find you interesting. They don’t care about age and stuff like that. Rather than fearing the experience itself, you should fear your insecurities. Don’t let them get the best of you.


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