Transgender Personals – Find Love with A Transsexual Woman or Man for a Relationship

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You know how people say nothing is for free in this world? Well, something is. It’s going to sound real cheesy but it’s “love.” The feeling of being genuinely connected to someone and them to you is the best feeling in the world and the best part about it is that it’s free of charge. Not a dollar to its time. Or should I say it’s so darn expensive that no current term of value is enough to describe its worth.

Transgender Personals - Find Love with A Transsexual Woman or Man for a Relationship


Priceless is the closest word I can think of, really.

Now, I bet most of you will give me a disagreeing eyebrow raise after hearing what I just said. You are probably one of the doubtful who think that love, too, can be bought. I mean, don’t people marry for love? Don’t some people pay to have sex with someone? Isn’t it true that more and more people marry due to the financial benefits of the union?
These things happen, I know. It’s a part of reality that, although embarrassing and unfair, truly exists. People do marry for money. People do exchange sexual favors for money. However, these kinds of actions are hardly what you’d associate with love. True and genuine love is priceless; it can never be bought. I will never retract this statement because I believe it to be true (read this).

And I think you do so too. Otherwise, why bother reading this right?

But Mr. Writer, love is different for a transgender.

Well, is it? Or is it what you’re trying to make yourself believe because you’re too afraid to get hurt?

Love As Seen In The Eyes Of A Transgender

Love As Seen In The Eyes Of A Transgender

Some people, the ones who least concern themselves with sexual education, would probably label transgenders as gay. In fact, if we are to use proper English, the word gay isn’t exactly an appropriate term to use for the third sex. Gay is supposed to mean “happy” or “jolly.” And in that sense, I guess we’re all a little gay inside. Actually, we all really want to be gay don’t we? We all want to be happy.

Anyway, the “gay” word people often use are supposed to identify homosexuals or individuals who are attracted to like sex – girls to girls, boys to boys, that sort of thing. Another misconception is that all homosexuals are transgenders or at least they’d like to be. Well, this is not exactly the case.

A transgender may have started as a homosexual but a homosexual may not necessarily want or have to be a transgender.

You see, the difference lies in the presence or absence of gender dysphoria – a psychological disorder in which a person feels trapped in the wrong body. Say, a man who strongly thinks that she is a woman inside and being in a man’s body tortures her day after day. In other words, there is discomfort. Transgender people, more often than not, meet the criteria for gender dysphoria. This is why they decide to undergo a sex change operation. It’s to take back their life and to feel comfortable in their own skin again.

Homosexuals, lesbians and gay men, are a little different. They desire individuals of the same sex (e.g. men for men, women for women) but they are also very comfortable with their own. For example, a man likes being a man and having male genitals but his preference is also of the male sex). That’s the difference. There is no gap or incongruence in identity. Homosexuals are comfortable with their sexual orientation, they are just attracted to people of the same sex.

Clear difference, right?

Anyway, understanding this will help you understand what love is like for a transgender man or woman. For them, they want to be desired as a member of the sex they favour. Transgender women want to be desired as real women – and they should be viewed as real women. The same goes for transgender men. I guess, partly, this is why transgender people (at least a good fraction of them) find it hard to believe that someone can truly love them as they are. They would either think that the person does not know they are transgender and that is why they are so accepting or that they have something to gain the relationship.

Well, you know what? If you are this transgender and you are doubting yourself because you don’t think you deserve to be loved for who you are, pinch yourself in the face and wake up.

Everyone deserves love. Everyone deserves happiness. You only need to seek the right person who will give those things to you, free of charge.

Luckily, technology has paved the way for destined souls to meet. We now have websites online, like, which support transgender relationships. In fact, special dating websites have been made to cater specifically to transgender users. Of course, all people of all sexual orientations are free to visit these websites, especially when they believe they are ready for a transgender relationship.

How Do I Know It’s The Real Deal?

First of all, you just have to trust that some people out there truly believe in love. They pay no mind to age, sex, gender, race, etc. They are simply looking for a genuine connection with a genuine person and if you keep denying that, then you’re the only one who’s hindering yourself from truly claiming what you deserve. You have to go into these dating websites thinking that everything is possible and that true love is not dead.

Also, you’ll know if it’s the real deal because your heart will tell you so (cheesy, I know). You’ll know when the person and the time is right. Everything will just slowly fall into place. You just have to let it happen.

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