Top Tips for Getting Over a Break-Up

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There are many reasons why a couple might choose to end their relationship, but even if it is an amicable break-up, that doesn’t mean it’s painless. You might feel a sense of relief, too, particularly if you were unhappy with your ex, but it can take some time to get used to them not being around, nonetheless. If you have recently split from a partner and would like to make getting through the break-up a bit easier, here are some tips to try.

Top Tips for Getting Over a Break-Up

1. Avoid Social Media

A lot of people spend time scrolling through social media when they’re bored or checking the latest updates from people they follow, and there isn’t anything wrong with this. While there is a lot of discussion about taking breaks from social media, which can be positive for numerous reasons, it can be even more beneficial when you have broken up with someone. This is because it can be easy to find yourself looking at their profiles or perhaps noticing posts on your feed that you might not want to see. At the very least, blocking them from your feed and profile, even if just temporarily, can give you some respite and avoid seeing things that might hurt you or feel nostalgic for the relationship.

2. Spend Time with Your Friends and Family

Being around people you trust and love will be crucial for anyone going through a breakup, and although you might not feel like seeing people if you’re upset, it’s better to have some company to cheer you up. Furthermore, this can be a great opportunity to reconnect with some friends or relatives if you have found that your relationship has created distance between you, as this can happen in some circumstances. Your loved ones will be able to comfort you and provide positive distractions from your breakup.

3. Consider Dating

It is always wise to take some time away from dating when you have ended a relationship, as this gives you time to reflect and think about what you want for yourself moving forward. When you have had some time to do this, though, it could be a good idea to go on a few dates. You don’t need to get involved in a serious relationship again straight away, but having some fun with new people and being a little flirtatious can be a great confidence boost! If you’re not ready to have that kind of connection with someone else just yet, treat yourself to some new toys from stores like My Amazing Fantasy in Salisbury for quality alone time!

4. Find New Hobbies

Another great way to make moving on from a past relationship easier is by discovering new hobbies for you to enjoy. It might be cooking, gardening, arts and crafts, or even sports – but whatever it is, it’ll be a healthy, fun distraction and could help you to develop new skills. It’s also an opportunity to meet new people and make friends if it’s a group-orientated activity.

Break-ups are never easy, but in time you will move on. To make that transition a bit better for you, consider these tips and try them out.

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