Things to Consider Before Hiring Magento 2 Experts

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When research shows that Magento has a global share of 25% in the market and an annual commerce value of $50 billion-plus, it definitely means the platform is one of the most used ones. It was also reported that Magento retailers experience three times more online sales growth than their competitors. But it is important to note that Adobe, which has taken over Magento, has stopped any further updates for Magento 1. Therefore, users of Magento 1 now need to upgrade the platform to Magento 2. For this, they need to hire a specialist. However, you have some questions to ask before hiring Magento 2 developers.

Things to Consider Before Hiring Magento 2 Experts

Developing or migrating your present website to Magento 2 is more complex than it was before. It is an elaborate and lengthy process; hence hiring a professional is the best decision. This article will look into why it is essential to ask these questions when choosing Magento 2 developers and things to consider before hiring the Magento 2 developer.

10 most important questions you need to ask when you hire a Magento 2 expert

  1. What is the developer’s experience in Magento 2 Development?
  2. Can they provide you with any certification proof of their Magento 2 development skills?
  3. Can they give you a complete project timeline for the development?
  4. How much do you need to pay for developing the Magento 2?
  5. Will the developer provide you with post-development and maintenance support?
  6. Is the developer good with SEO and other extensions required for the enhanced performance of Magento 2?
  7. What are the strategies the developer follows to ensure better website responsiveness and design?
  8. Can the developer share some of their Magento 2 development work samples?
  9. What is the engagement model used by the developer? It requires several steps like:
    • Building a transferable operation
    • A development lab which is virtual
    • A centre dedicated to the development of the project
    • Creating a hybrid model
    • Resourcing globally since Magento is an open-source software
  10. What are the reporting tools the developer uses? It is crucial to understand and analyse the data.

It is important to note that these questions can be used as a guideline when you plan to hire Magento 2 developers for your website. Still, you need to be mindful of the fact that you have to scrutinize the process of hiring to get a quality project delivered. Therefore, before hiring, you should also go through some of the client’s reviews and testimonials to identify the developer’s process, professionalism, and delivered projects.

As an owner of the online business and website, the onus is also on you to consider certain factors when you decide to hire a Magento 2 developer who is an expert in the field.

Things To Consider When Hiring Magento 2 Developers

Choosing an eCommerce platform like Magento 2 is not enough to survive and thrive in the competition. While hiring a competent Magento 2 developer is a must, you must know which developer fits your requirement the best.

In the market, there are two types of Magento 2 developers:

  • Magento developers who work as freelancers
  • Full-time company employed Magento developers

It is up to you the developer you want to hire, depending on your project. However, here are some factors you need to bring into the equation of hiring Magento 2 experts for your project.

You must understand your project and the process it requires to build it online. If you are confused about what exactly you are looking for in the project, jot down the following:

• The Business Model

What is the business model, and what are the goals and objectives you want to achieve with your business. It is essential you be able to communicate that clearly with the Magento 2 developer.

• Investment

You have to realize how much you want to spend on the project being developed on the Magento 2 platform. Different developers and companies charge you differently for the product you seek. Therefore, it is paramount that you maintain transparency with the developer about your budget to know the end product you will be getting.

• Deadline

Setting a realistic timeline with the developer for the completion of the project is a must. After you give your vision to the developer, ask the Magento 2 expert how long it will take to complete.

• Payment method

Every eCommerce development company and even freelance Magento 2 developers will charge you differently for the project. Therefore, it is vital that you discuss the payment method and schedule with the developer before hiring to mitigate any chance of future miscommunication.

• Communication

At the onset of hiring a Magento 2 developer, it is essential to establish that frequent communication is mandatory between you and the developer. While using the usual communication tools like Skype, WhatsApp, Google Talk, and other platforms is fine, all the important aspects and changes must be recorded via email.

● Experience

Since Magento 2 is entirely customizable, having an experienced developer, you can personalize the website as per your product and business requirements. An expert developer can help you create a website for your online store that offers a seamless user experience, enhanced customer engagement, and an interactive interface. An experienced developer will have an in-depth knowledge of the platform to warrant that your business aligns with the website.

• Expertise

Whether you are migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 platform or developing it afresh, you will need an expert Magento developer to do the work for you. Several extensions, themes, widgets, and even knowledge of programming languages are required to optimize the platform. This is only possible when you hire an expert in the field so that your requirement is carried out without the hassle and a website is developed that helps you scale your business better.

• Magento Partner Agency

You can get both experience and experts in Magento solutions when you hire from a Magento partner agency. These consulting firms have trained and certified Magento professionals dedicated to providing consultation, development, and program management for customizing Magento-based websites and Magento Commerce Cloud Solutions. There are three tiers of solution partners, namely,

  1. Adobe Platinum Solution Partner,
  2. Adobe Gold Solution Partner
  3. Adobe Bronze Solution Partner

The Developer You Need

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of developers. They can be further categorized into

  • Backend developer
  • Frontend developer
  • Full-Stack developer

If you want to create server-side logic that will help you maintain a centralized database or an app, you will need a backend developer.

A front-end developer will help you create a website with improved colours, layout, and navigation.

A full-stack developer will help you in creating a website where they will take care of both the backend and frontend development.

Depending on your requirement, you must decide on the kind of Magento 2 developer for your website.

Final Words

Hiring the right Magento developer will only make your journey easier and is crucial in developing a successful online business that is future-ready with Magento 2.

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