Tips Beginner Developers Should Know

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Nowadays, many people want to become developers. Development has become very popular. At first, you may be frustrated, you may feel that nothing you are doing makes sense, and you may think you will never understand development. That’s all normal. It is usually difficult and confusing at first, but it is important that you persevere in your decision to become a developer, and it will not always be difficult and confusing for you. With quality help, patience, and the right advice, you will easily progress in development.

Therefore, we have prepared this article to make it easier for you to start developing.


Many new, young developers expect to easily master programming and development, but that rarely happens. It is important to practice constantly, and that is the only way to become a real developer with great knowledge. “Practice writing code as much as possible. Do all codelabs and tutorials you can find.”, recommends Erik Hellman, a mobile programming expert.

Program every day, research online, download some open-source code to help you master and learn something new.

Have emergency tools

As a developer who is still learning some new beginner things, mistakes happen to you. These mistakes can sometimes lead to the demolition of a site that you have worked on for a very long time and put in a lot of effort.

To avoid such situations or if you have already reached that situation, resolve it with the Emergency Recovery Script a standalone, single-file, WordPress independent, PHP script created to recover a WordPress site in the most challenging situations.

The most common situations in which this extraordinary plugin can be used:

  • One or more core WP files have been deleted, moved, or edited
  • A WP update killed the website
  • You have a snapshot made using the WP Reset plugin and want to restore it
  • You have installed a plugin that killed the website
  • You cannot log in
  • Many more situations

These are just some of the common instances in which ERS can help you. WP Reset makes a great combination with ERS. It gives you more features to rescue your website.

Tools provided by ERS

WordPress Information

ERS gives you various information about a WP installation, and it includes wp-config.php file location, the WP version, basic data access details, etc. This information can be very helpful. It ensures that ERS is connected to the correct WP installation, which is a great solution if you have multiple installations on the same hosting account.

Server Information

As the previous tool that ERS provides, it provides useful information about the server and provides full access to the phpinfo() function, so you can get even more information about the PHP environment.

Core Files

ERS checks each individual WP core file and compares it to the original copy found in the repository. If even the smallest part of a file has changed, it will report it. Once a modified core file is found, you can easily replace it with an unmodified, original version that ERS automatically downloads from the WP repository.

The tool also scans files that do not belong in the core folders, reports on them, and provides an easy way to remove them.

It should be noted that this tool does not check plugin and theme files, nor the download folder and all its files.

Reset WordPress

Exactly as the name of this tool says, it completely resets your WP installation. This may be the most powerful tool on the list, but it shouldn’t be used lightly. It completely resets your WP installation. It will not delete any files, so themes, plugins, and so on will remain, but the database will be deleted and reset to default values.

Also, all your accounts will be removed because of the database that will be deleted, so you will need to create a new account for yourself using the Administrator Account tool.


This tool allows you to restore the state your site was in when you took a database snapshot. You also have an option to upload a snapshot in case you placed it somewhere off-site. Press the “Restore” button, and that is it!


Installing a new plugin crashed your website? You can’t access WP Admin? You think you need to search using FTP and see which plugin caused the problem? There is an easier way to solve this issue. This tool does everything with just one click on the Disable/Enable button. This way, you will regain access to the WP Admin part of the site.


Instead of searching in FTP and checking what is causing issues, simply enable or disable any theme. Works the same as in WP Admin.

User Privileges & Roles

What if you changed the site database table prefix and you are no longer able to log in to your site? Or you can even log in but are now a guest? We have a solution for you! It’s so simple; use ERS!

It restores default privileges and roles, and best matches them to those your account previously had. If the tool fails, use the following and create a new administrator account.

Administrator Account

If you have problems with your WP account, you don’t need to use FTP or phpMyAdmin! There is Emergency Recovery Script to help you create a new administrator account. But, the username and email address must not already be in use on your WP installation.

WordPress URLs

Modifying your WordPress site address and home address can lead to login issues. This happens when websites switch from HTTP to HTTPS without a valid SSL certificate. ERS can help you easily change URLs and fix your site.

Delete or Reset .htaccess

Editing the .htaccess file can result in the white screen of death, which is actually error 500.

Thanks to ERS, you have the option to delete the .htaccess file or restore it to the default values for pretty permalinks.

Disable WordPress Maintenance Mode

WordPress activates its maintenance mode whenever you upgrade themes, plugins, or the core. It usually works pretty well, but if it goes wrong, there is ERS that will help you to solve that problem.

Keep learning new things

If you have already decided to be a developer, you need to be ready and willing to constantly learn. You will need to constantly improve and look for new resources, courses, or some schools that help you to become more successful in the field you are dedicated to.


Udemy is an online learning platform where you can find both free and paid courses.


EdX is an online learning platform co-founded by MIT and Harvard University, where you have the opportunity to find free courses by the most famous lecturers such as David J. Malan and many others.


If you decide to become a developer, you will have to constantly learn, practice, and explore new resources and new knowledge that will help you improve in the field you have chosen. We hope this article has helped you and made some basic tips & tricks easier.

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