What Goes Into a Website?

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When you go to an internet site, you will notice that no two look the same. This is design. Without the design, every website works the exact same way. You click a link, and you are taken to another page. Sacramento Web Design companies take this blank slate and create something that is unique to your company that will let visitors know who you are and what you do.

What Goes Into a Website

Here are a couple important parts that make up a website.

User Interface

On your website, this determines where everything is. Each part of the interface is laid out in the planning stages of the website design. Here you will see the menu bar, where the images go, and where the content is. User interface should be easy to navigate and give off a pleasant visual to the visitor.


You can’t have a website without some form of written content. This will not only tell your visitor everything they need to know, but this will also help them navigate your website. The best Sacramento website design companies employ copywriters who can create engaging content that will provide the substance of your website.


The first thing a visitor to your website will see is the visual images. These can be pictures or graphic images. They provide the style to your writing. Images can’t be a separate entity to your website but must be a cohesive part. Bad or out of place images can ruin the aura you are trying to create for your visitors.


Sacramento website design uses automation to make the website functioning without the use of human interference. Think of this like not needing operators for phones anymore. The website can transport users to different areas without anyone having to do a thing. This part of a website is difficult for those with no experience with programming to be able to do. That’s why you should think about hiring a website design company to create the perfect website for you.

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