6 Reasons You Should Turn Your Website into A Mobile App

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The continuous advancement in technology has transformed the dynamics of doing business. Especially, how the businesses are approaching their current or potential customers.

The biggest reason for this change is the increased usage of mobile phones. The studies show that 80% of the shoppers utilize a smartphone to look up information about various services, products, and stores. According to Statista, there are 3.8 billion smartphone users all around the world and this number is expected to increase in the coming years.

6 Reasons You Should Turn Your Website into A Mobile App

Businesses keeping these statistics in view hire mobile application development companies to build mobile apps to increase connectivity with their customers. But what if a mobile app development company you hire converts your website into an app. You might be thinking is it possible? Surprisingly and interestingly, progress in technology has made this possible.

Yes, you can turn your website into a mobile application. And many companies are increasingly moving towards this trend to expand their business and unlock their market reach like never before.

If you are still confused about converting your website into a mobile application. Then we are presenting six reasons to convince you that why you should change your website into a mobile application.

1. Ease of Usage and greater mobility:

You should have a mobile application because of its far greater mobility to users in comparison to the responsive website. The most recent study says that consumers last year have downloaded 218 billion mobile applications all around the world. From booking a cab to ordering food, people are increasingly dependent upon apps.

Mobile apps are easy to use because they have eliminated the need for users to remember the web address. Now they no longer have to search or type a URL into a browser.

Everything is just one click away. Besides, accessing information via apps is 1.5 times faster than websites. Also, an app has a much efficient response as compared to websites.

2. Increased Response Rate:

You give your customers a better option to engage with your brand when you decide to have a mobile application for your business. A mobile application offers an increased interactive experience to your customers.

Because with the help of just a few clicks, a user can access the required information swiftly. Also, with the aid of an app, you can send instant updates on promotions, offers, and product launches to your customers.

And, with attractive deals, and coupons you can increase brand loyalty among your customer base. Another thing that has made mobile apps popular among users is their constant presence on screen.

3. Better Customization and Conversion Rate:

Mobile applications offer increased personalization specific to user preference. It aids you in tracking in-app user activity. On the premise of this activity, the apps also give filtered recommendations.

Additionally, the personal sign-in feature required, needless to say, helps in generating leads. With the integrated sign-in feature you can even generate user data across the web. This aids in the creation of the targeted ads customized to specific locations and preferences.

Having a mobile app also increases the conversion rate up to 157%than a mobile responsive website.
Apps are particularly useful in increasing customer engagement. Because of different features like providing promo codes, and discount offers, etc.

4. Offline Accessibility:

By turning your website into a mobile app with help of a mobile app development company you can enable users to access the app’s main features and functionality even in offline mode.

Thus, helping you to strengthen your relationship with your customer. However, a website cannot be accessed offline. However, as also stated earlier, an app even in offline mode can give some basic functionalities.

For instance, an eCommerce app offers offline access to users-data, past purchases, and coupons, etc. And map applications especially provide access to offline routes when you get disconnected during driving. You can approach the mobile app development services to convert your website into an app to facilitate your users.

5. Extra Integrated features:

You can immediately start integrating various features when you convert the website into an app. Your customers can automatically track location and match it with your service areas by using GPS. Integration with the maps can also help you locate your physical stores. Users can also use mobile cameras in scanning and searching particular products. Other than this, the feedback option helps you in comprehending customer’s demands, needs, and wants.

Moreover, the social media integration within the application pushes your digital media marketing to a whole new level. Having a digital presence is imperative, and building your business around the website is no longer going to serve you.

Mobile apps are extremely user-friendly and have built-in features that can provide much more value in terms of customer loyalty and brand management.

6. Monetization options and Opportunities:

A mobile application can be utilized in a variety of ways. And many businesses are using mobile applications for monetization purposes.

An app can increase productivity many times in contrast to a normal website because an app possesses the power to handle so many functions effectively. The apps are cost-effective as they can minimize your marketing and sales cost by combining various end goals in one sole platform. Other than this, you can monetize your app through ad revenues or premium upgrades.

On a Concluding Note:

It is very clear that why the usage of mobile applications is increasing day by day. According to statistics, there are3.48 million android apps and 2.22 million apps for iOS apps.

So, you can understand that mobile apps are the future and the success of your business depends upon them. So, for any reason, if your business does not have a mobile application then it is best to fix it now.

Think of how an app can aid your business to expand and give a user-friendly experience to your users. So, for you, it is high time to approach a mobile app development company. There are many mobile application development services too to aid you in this regard.

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