Top 5 Things To Remember While Working on Web Application in 2021

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In the domain of web application development, a lot of new technologies and trends have been introduced and many more are expected to be introduced soon. And the reason behind these fast changes is that the web app development world takes place at a much faster rate. So, in order to deliver pioneering services, one has to stay up-to-date and focus on the new web trends that are rising instead of staying stuck with the old trends.

Embracing new web trends, allow businesses to attain greater success. For instance, a recent survey reveals that 77 percent of digital agencies identified that poor website user experience was a major reason behind the failure of most web apps. As more and more people love to shop online, hence web developers are required to put their best foot forward in web app development so as to order a great user experience for their customers.

Top 5 Things To Remember While Working on Web Application in 2021

And as we speak of trends in the web app world, let’s explore some new exciting trends that will be happily embraced by people in the year 2021.

Motion UI:

This technology is useful to get the user’s attention on a necessary area or to the project data you are keen for your audience to see. Motion UI is useful to get the attention of your website users to the pertinent information by focusing on the right location. Soon there will be more trends in this domain of motion UI, and we can expect the right motion UI to be popular soon. With animations, the web developers would be able to add styling and make your website unique around the thousands of other websites that have static UI.

Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence:

Chatbots are quite necessary for the businesses as it allows to get the necessary information from clients via customer service chatbot, hence manager interventions are not required, and in 2021 we will see a lot many helpful chatbots come out. Chatbots allow eCommerce developers in many ways like it enables the users to place orders for food, book tickets, or book appointments with just a tap on their phone screen with 24×7 assistance.

Social Selling:

A lot of social networks are showing great interest in Social Selling and this is also a piece of great news for a number of brands. These social selling leaders are said to create 45% more sales opportunities as compared to their competitors and this helps businesses generate huge revenue via social apps & connectivity. Social Selling also allows your business to benefit in many other ways, like a huge increase in sales, products going vital in less time, and generating immense interest to increase the reach to their audiences.

Push Notifications:

It is a unique and amazing concept for web app development companies, and as mobile app notifications are hugely efficient for user re-engagement, we expect that it is also going to benefit businesses to a large extent. In case of web apps, the users receive push notifications each time s/he visits the app, and they are also sent alerts when they are not active to inform them about new updates or information. Push Notifications are a great means to enhance the user engagement.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs):

PWAs can be best defined as fast, engaging, and reliable, and they are mainly websites that are similar to the native mobile apps and they are also working offline. This way they deliver a great user experience. So, usually, the websites take three seconds to load and slow performance can be dealt with by choosing Progressive Web Applications. In fact, in 2021, native mobile apps will get tough competition from PWAs, as they load very fast, just instantly, and it is connectivity independent.

Single-page websites:

These kinds of websites are best defined as long scrollable pages providing full information of respective websites to the users without moving towards any other web page. This way, it saves the web visitors from reading a lot of text, multi-level menu, and complex navigation. Now, these kinds of websites are not apt for eCommerce, but they are very useful for mobile websites as the users are not required to be jumping over other pages to gather crucial information. These websites have many advantages to the businesses and most impressive being its ability to increase conversions.

AR & VR:

Both Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are quick, easy, and interactive web app development trends. These technologies help the marketers to quickly reach their audience and soon we will see most of the social audience to integrate both AR and VR into their web platforms, as these technologies can boost businesses in so many ways.

Single eCommerce network:

In this flexible system, a huge number of online stores tend to cooperate with one another. Like, if a user makes a purchase on eBay, then that user can quickly pick that item up at a small store near to them. This takes the appeal of online stores to an all-new level and hence is game-changer for the eCommerce development industry. It is expected that a big number of eCommerce brands will be connecting to a single eCommerce network.

Video Content & Moving Backgrounds:

It is an exciting means to grab the attention of a huge number of customers and they are quite helpful to the businesses as they get to present their products & services to the audience in a much better way. On an average three out of four videos usually get played by users, hence it is a great means to present your products or services, and ultimately increase the conversions. By 2021, it is predicted that all the online stores will be using video content in their product description.


The most successful way to collect and decentralized data storage, Blockchain is expected to be a market worth $39.9 billion by the end of 2025. With Blockchain comes a great level of security and the best part is that it has no intermediaries between the transactions. Here each of the transactions is verified and they are relying upon the complex algorithm that further ensures security. In 2021, there are a number of Blockchain trends that we see such as BAAS, Progress in Innovation, Asset Tokenization, and several others, that makes this a great solution for several industry verticals.


So, here we saw the top web app development trends around the corner that will benefit businesses in many ways. And they will help the business owners in forging a good, reliable relationship with their present customers, while also attracting new customers. If you are looking to create a web application for your business, then it is best to get in touch with a web app development company that will help you reach your goals with the web app.

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