Kind of Applications that Can be Built Using Node

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Don’t wait for the opportunities, create them! I am pretty sure you must have heard of these quotes, especially from the companies that are successful in today’s times. Every small, medium and large business aims to succeed. I mean no matter how crazy and scary the competitive world seems to be out there, everyone dreams of trying their luck out even if there is very little chance of success. And to be precise, the web development realm is no different.

So are you venturing into your very first web development project? Well, you must be doing lots and lots of research to have long-lasting ramifications. Now, can you tell me what is the prime and most important aspect in any web development project? It’s the choice of your weapons. I mean web development is quite a wide field and here you get a wide range of weapons such as daggers, artillery, and combat weapons. ranged weapons, explosives. bombs. explosive substances. missiles. Rockets, each one of a kind. Now picking any of these randomly can be more harmful than good. So you need to understand or get well-acquainted with each and every weapon or tech stack available to you.

Kind of Applications that Can be Built Using Node

Well, I wouldn’t be getting into each and every tech stack since we don’t have much time but I will definitely allow you to meet and greet one of the most promising and popular technologies, Node.js. So what is Node.js, how is it beneficial and what types of applications can be created using the Node.js platform?

There is no denying the fact that Node.js turns out to be one of the leading and prominent technologies available across the globe, no wonder Netflix, PayPal, Trello, Uber, GoDaddy, Medium, NASA, LinkedIn, Walmart, and eBay, are some of the popular companies using Node.js technology. So what is all the fuss about?

Introducing Node.js Technology

What is Node.js technology? Well, it is one of the leading open-source technologies that executes Javascript code in a pretty short span of time. Apart from being open-source, Node.js consists of a cross-platform runtime environment that is highly preferred for developing high-end web applications like never before. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that Node.js is way more preferable for server-side programming, non-blocking, and event-driven services as well.

The particular tech stack was built on Google Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine. In layman’s language, this means, any site developed using Node.js can run seamlessly depending on the unified stack. Also, the tech stack has the seamless potential of making web development easy and great in regard to performance and maintenance. One should also not forget that Node.js comprises a wide community of developers.

In 2009, the tech stack came into existence by Ryan Dahl. Further below, I would like to mention some of the core characteristics of Node.js.

  • The tech is purely V8-based and one of the leading Javascript frameworks around
  • Since it is cross-platform, it can be used for both Windows and POSIX-based systems such as Linux, Mac OS X and Unix.
  • Log program can be well-executed
  • Here time is required for seamless execution because Node.js has limited memory but still achieving high capacity is no issue.

So whether you are planning to develop IoT based application or create a single interface for configuring and maintaining different smart devices or creating an app featuring microservice architecture, Real-time chatbots, video streaming apps, payment services, single page and social media apps, Node.js turns out to be the one-stop solution here.

Why Use Node.js instead of other available technologies?

In today’s fast-pacing times, the impact of sluggish and unresponsive applications has the potential to bring down the business to a great extent. This is something one can never afford. Somehow, Node.js is one such technology that has managed to remain the knight-shining armor for developing applications be it for web or mobile but in a quite powerful manner. Further, I would like to mention certain benefits of using Node.js technology.

#1 High-performance for developing Real-time apps

One of the basic yet pivotal benefits of using Node.js is that it turns out to be great in terms of performance. You know it has been proven that web applications developed using Node.js tend to turn out great in terms of performance and are often known for their multi-tasking ability.

You see this one is a single-threaded, event-driven architecture that processes multiple concurrent requests and all this is possible without clogging the RAM. Also, the execution of the code is pretty smooth, all thanks to event-loop and non-blocking I/O operations.

In fact, to make the Node.js development more interesting Google seems to have introduced the V8 Benchmark suite that leads to faster execution, better compilers and security patchworks and its seamless ability to scale.

#2 Easy Scalability

Another crucial advantage of considering Node.js is that it offers great scalability. And to be honest several companies such as Netflix, Titan, Walmart, Uber, and PayPal are found vouching for the fact that Node.js offers an amazing range of scalability. The technology comprises several features such as cluster modules where load balancing is facilitated over multiple CPU cores and it becomes way easier to deliver desired outcomes through smaller modules and all this is possible without giving any harm to the RAM process.

Also, here the tech enables developers to leverage Microservices to a great extent. You see, by doing so, modern apps can scale up as well as down easily and achieve great performance with fewer resources.

#3 Cost-effective

Another reason to choose Node.js for your upcoming web development project is that it is way more cost-effective in comparison to other frameworks. All you have to do is look around for a reputable Node.js development company and then leave the rest to them. And of course, in addition to price, here you get a wide community at service. So even if the developer gets stuck in between, you will find thousands of programmers helpful. Also, quick answers can be found easily.

So here comes the big question, what kind of applications can be built using Node.js?

  • Real-time Chat Apps
  • e-Learning apps
  • Remote Collaboration Tools
  • Online Payment tools and eCommerce
  • CRM Tools
  • Desktop Apps
  • Chats and messaging apps
  • Websites with server-side rendering
  • Ridesharing Apps
  • ERP Tools
  • IoT devices
  • Social Media
  • Backed for Mobile Apps
  • Notification Center
  • API Servers
  • Gaming apps
  • Project Management tools

Basically, you name it and you can have it! You can develop almost any and every kind of application using Node.js technology. All you have to do is hire a reliable team of programmers who are well-versed and experienced in developing such projects.

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