5 Of the Best WordPress Instagram Widget Plugins 2020

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When it comes to visual merchandising of the products, Instagram is the first preference for all the marketers, and the best option to do so is by displaying your Instagram feed on website.

To provide ease for all the WordPress website users, WordPress offers a wide range of Instagram Widget plugins to help the users display their Instagram feed on WordPress website.

We have created the list of top 5 WordPress plugins to help you with an easy integrating option. But let us first understand the importance of displaying Instagram feed on WordPress website.

Why Instagram?

The first and foremost reason for embedding Instagram Widget on WordPress website is its popularity and global reach.

While it is the most active social media platform, it will help you gain more leads and increase your customer engagement and interaction with your website.

Adding to this, it creates a compelling visual gallery on the website which attracts more customers and increases their dwell time.

Another important reason is that it advocates for the credibility of your product by displaying UGC on the website. Not only this, but it builds social trust and gives your website an authentic look.

So, why not leverage the power of Instagram by embedding Instagram feed on WordPress website. There are many ways of doing so, but the simplest one is by using WordPress Plugins.

5 Best WordPress Instagram Widget Plugin 2020

WordPress has made it easy for its users to integrate Instagram feed on WordPress websites and boost conversion rates. While there are many WordPress Instagram widget plugins, we have listed the best 5 out of them.

5 Of the Best WordPress Instagram Widget Plugins 2020

1. Taggbox Widget Plugin

Taggbox Widget is a social media aggregator that helps you embed social media feeds into your website.

Being an amazing UGC platform, it gathers UGC from over 15+ social media channels including Instagram.

Once the feed is curated it allows you to customize your feed to blend it well with your website. It offers you a wide range of customization options like attractive themes and layouts, background styles, eye-catching font styles, and font colors, and much more.

Using this plugin, you can maintain the premium quality of your content by moderating the curated content before aggregating it. It will help you display the most relevant and authentic content on the website and will enhance the image of your brand.

Also, you can even add shoppability to this Instagram feed by adding shoppable tags to the images.

It is a fast and responsive plugin and provides the option of real-time updates to display fresh content on the website. With the in-build analytics, you can gain insights into the performance graph and track the user impressions and click-through rates.

With its active customer support and assistance, it is one of the best choices to display Instagram feed on WordPress website. And the best part is, you can embed an infinite number of images at a time.

When you are enriching your WordPress sites through various plugins and themes, it might be wise to also localize your website into other languages as well. To handle the WordPress localization service, you can work with a provider like Protranslate and get your WordPress site localized into more than 120 languages via professional translators.

2. Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed plugin allows you to display the latest Instagram feed on WordPress website either in the same single feed or multiple different ones.

You can even display photos from multiple accounts in the same feed or different feeds using shortcode options. You can even combine multiple feed types on a single stream.

Also, this plugin is mobile responsive and looks great on any screen size and any device. It even helps you customize your Instagram feed so that it can align with your website.

This plugin resizes the images and chooses the optimal size of the image to display. It also provides the user with multiple layout options and amazing customer support.

It includes a “Follow On Instagram” button at the bottom of the feed and displays a beautiful header at the top of your feed.

It helps in increasing your social engagement and displays the feed in your way.


3. Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal is a premium WordPress Instagram Widget plugin with ample features to help you integrate Instagram in the best possible way.

Using this plugin, you can display photos from your account, or the photos that you are tagged in, or the photos that you have liked. So, if you are looking to enhance the looks and credibility of your WordPress website, then this plugin is definitely the perfect choice.

It is highly responsive and gives you the option to choose from a wide range of color schemes. With this, you can build a professional-looking and attractive visual gallery on your website and customize it with over 100 options.


4. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

It is an Instagram widget plugin by Smash Balloon, which allows you to display Instagram posts in single or multiple streams.

It requires a simple setup and gives you the option of creating multiple feeds by using photos from multiple accounts.

It even allows you to manage how your images would be displayed with the option of customization by changing the width and height of photos and selecting the number of photos to be displayed at one time.

It is completely mobile responsive and uses the shortcode options to customize each feed.


5. Instagram Slider Widget

Instagram slider widget is a responsive plugin that helps you display your latest Instagram post. This plugin allows you to display up to 12 images per user.

It requires easy setup and simple shortcodes to add the widget anywhere on the website. You can display the widget in a slider or thumbnails.

It provides you with flexible layout settings and multiple customizing options. The features of this widget are diverse enough to make it a good choice for the brands.


With the rising need for social media platforms to market the brand and its products, marketers have started leveraging it on the website to boost the performance and encourage customer engagement.

In this blog, we have discussed some of the WordPress plugins to help you display your Instagram feed on WordPress websites. So, choose the best one for yourself and get started.

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