Laravel 5.4 – Know the New Features and Improvements

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The technology is advancing at a superlative pace to influence more upgraded version of the open source PHP framework. As universally prevalent, Laravel stands as the finest and most popular PHP frameworks has transformed over the time to continue its charm in the digital space.



With time it has improved with the versions, and this time again it has appeared with Laravel 5.4. The new Laravel version – Laravel 5.4, officially was released on 24th January 2017. It offers a variety of new unique features that facilitate quick and easy development.

Laravel 5.4 - Know the New Features and Improvements

    1. New Middleware – Two new middleware are shipped with the 5.4 release of the framework,

    A. Trim Strings Middleware

    As its name, trim strings middleware trims the unnecessary space from request data. For example, at the time when a user through a form submits an email on your website, mistakenly if one types some extra space, Trim Strings Middleware will serve to eliminate the whitespace automatically.

    B. Convert Empty Strings to Null

    Convert Empty Strings to Null middleware acts a vital role in the conversion of empty strings to null. Consequently, when a user submits an empty form, the empty strings get converted to null.


    2. Laravel Dusk

    Symfony BrowserKit, which was previously used in the previous versions of Laravel, has been replaced in latest version “dusk” and is based on BrowserKit that works on Chrome Driver and the Facebook Php-web driver. As a result, Dusk support Javascript, presenting it as an end-to-end tool for testing. Dusk runs with the Selenium browser. Though, by default appears with the ChromeDriver, availing you to free from installing Selenium or JDK. Indeed, the most significant advantage of dusk is, it delivers secure helping methods such as the login for a uniform user case.


    3. Real-Time Facades

    It was a complicated task to create facades, in the earlier Laravel version, but with the new version, one can easily convert the application class into a facade. The new update delivers on-demand task so that you can be freed of various onlookers.


    4. Blade Components and Slots

    There are not a pretty high number of changes in blade components and slots and are very like the previous version. However, it offers an easy and a smooth way to design templates. Developers who are known to Vue.js, will not see much variance.


    5. Markdown Mail and Notification

    Laravel 5.4 offers pre-built markdown templates and components for mail and notifications, which were required by the developers to design responsive HTML emails. For instance, while sending an email, consolidating Markdown with Blade components that supports fetching with supreme flexibility.


    6. Laravel Mix

    The next impressive feature of Laravel 5.4 is Elixir API accompanied by Laravel Mix. For the first time, it is included in the updates. This feature is approved for creating tool wrapper. Instead in Gulp, it is developed in Webpack.


    7. Redis Cluster Support

    Now with Laravel 5.4, you can easily define Redis connections to multiple clusters many single hosts within the same application. Now it is not needed to assemble in the single host in the same app.


    8. Collections

    In the Laravel 5.4 update, “collection” delivers short-routes or simply the “higher order messages”, with which you can carry out common activities on them. Moreover, the latest Laravel 5.4 provides a multitude of features to ease the application development process.

    Also in the following aspects, below are the new features and improvements in Laravel 5.4

    • Custom Pivot Table Models
    • Real-Time Facades
    • Object-Based Eloquent Events
    • Json Based Language Files
    • Job Level Retry and Timeout

    Laravel framework is unquestionably the most popular and excellent PHP open-source frameworks available today, and it is exclusively designed for the MVC (model view controller) application development. This PHP Open Source framework delivers some incredible inbuilt features that make it so globally popular among the developers.

    Laravel launched Laravel 5.4, which earned some serious recognition and interests among the tech enthusiasts and business owners looking for website development.

    Laravel 5.4 make headway for the revision made in Laravel 5.3 by introducing some unique new features and optimizations just as Dusk, Like Markdown mail, Mix, Real-time facades and more which are above discussed in detail in the blog. Moreover, to the new features that are added, the complete code base of Laravel is analyzed and reoriented making it even more secure and clean.

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