Can I Restore Deleted Files Without Software?

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Data recovery involves scanning the whole data storage device to look for all the deleted and lost data. Data may be lost due to damaged and corrupted hard drives. Or, most data loss happens because of accident deletion. Data recovery becomes easier when you clearly understand what made your data lost or how you have lost the data.

However, sometimes you have no idea how you have lost the data. In cases like these, we take help from data recovery software. Data recovery software is the tool to recover data when you fall short of other alternatives.

Can I Restore Deleted Files Without Software

Data loss is uncertain, and depending on how much data you have lost, the whole recovery procedure can become too expensive.

With that being said, we will try to dig some dirt and find out, are there any ways to recover data without any data recovery software?

How to Restore Deleted Files Without Software?

We come across several readers who seek help and want to know how to recover data without using data recovery software.

Yes, with the data recovery software, the whole recovery process becomes smooth, but at times the whole process becomes more expensive than you bargained for.

Well, for most people, this is an expensive deal. So, what can be done here?
Are there other alternatives that can help you recover data without the use of data recovery software?

Yes, there are. However, these solutions might not be applicable to all but can help you recover data to some extent.

Recover Data Using CMD

The best free way to recover lost data in Windows is by using the command prompt. Whenever you come across any data loss or data deletion situation, using a command prompt is the most effective and faster way to recover your lost data.

Below are the steps to effectively use the command prompt.

  • Enter CMD in the search bar.
  • Now, select “Run Administration”.
  • A black window will appear with some codes.
  • Type attribhrs /s /d drive letter:\*.*

This will help you recover/restore all your deleted or lost data.

Restore Deleted Files from The Previous Version

It is also known as volume shadow service. It allows the windows to create a restore point or a checkpoint that helps the user roll back the changes.

Hence, you always have an option to restore deleted files. The best part of this method is that it world even if you have emptied the recycle bin, SHIFT+ DEL every file or folder.

  • Select the folder from which data was lost or deleted.
  • Right-click the folder.
  • Select “restore to the previous version”.
  • Now, go to the control panel.
  • Select “System protection”.
  • By doing so, available drives with security protection will be visible.
  • Select the drive you want to configure.
  • Now, restore the system settings to the previous version.

Recover Data from Backups

If you are good at data management, you will have data backups. You can use those data backups to restore lost and deleted data. Every system has a backup system that stores a copy of every data.

You can look for those backups and recover the data you need. If not, you can use other data backup software to ensure your data is safe and can be recovered in a crisis.

iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

Yes, we know we are talking about only those methods that involve no data recovery software. But before taking action, hear us out. iBoysoftdata recovery software offers its users a 1GBFREE data recovery facility. That means, if you have less than 1GB of data that needs to be recovered, you can do so with the iBoysoft data recovery software.


You have it; now you know the alternatives you can use to recover data without paying a single buck. Right now, we only know of these methods; if there are any suggestions or any other alternatives, feel free to let us know.

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