Why is it Worth Having an SLR?

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Not everything we love worth the money we pay for it. Gamers love games, but they are not always good to play for money. So, there are darmowy poker that are free to play. Similarly, photographers don’t always have to pay all they have for digital cameras. However, some single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras can do the job, and they are worth buying. SLR cameras are those that use a reflex mirror and a film to take a photo. They are the old forms of cameras that are now replaced by DSLR or digital SLRs. However, some people still prefer to use SLR for a bunch of reasons.

Why is it Worth Having an SLR?

Why Buy an SLR?

First, the difference between the SLR and DSLR is the way of forming the image. While SLR uses a film, DSLR uses digital sensors. Yet, both cameras use the reflex lens to reflect the light to the viewfinder. Thus, you can see clearly what you are going to take a photo of. SLR cameras are better in several things.


SLR cameras are lower in price. If you are on a tight budget but need something professional, SLR cameras are the best option. However, don’t think you will get bad images or poor quality since you are paying less. SLR cameras can produce better quality images than their counterparts in certain conditions.

Better Images

SLR cameras are capable of capturing the full dynamic range of the scene. This means they can get the right tones, highlights, and contrast of the picture. So, you don’t have to edit or do intensive colouring after shooting your images. Moreover, they produce better resolution than other cameras. Thus, buying an SLR means more colourful photos.


SLR cameras can last longer than digital cameras. They don’t have a digital sensor which is vulnerable to dust and other environmental conditions. Also, they don’t need the same maintenance as other cameras. Further, the batteries last longer than other cameras’ batteries. Even more, you may not replace those batteries for years.


SLR cameras are not different from digital ones regarding the accessories and lenses. SLR cameras can also have different lenses to work with. Additionally, other accessories like microphones and flashes are compatible with SLRs.

On the other side, SLRs may not provide the best photography experience ever. DSLR, for example, has auto-focus and other additional features. Also, DSLRs give live previews of the shoots before taking them. Another point to consider is that SLRs use films. Thus, every shot will consume part of this film. Alternatively, a DSLR uses a digital sensor to record photos. Hence, you can instantly delete the photo you don’t need.

So, according to the type of photography you are into, you can decide whether it is worth getting an SLR camera or not. For example, shooting in low light conditions needs the features of a DSLR. Alternatively, shooting in the light is better done with an SLR. You will have a full range of colours, and the images are of better quality.

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