4 IT Trends to Watch in 2021

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Technology has always advanced rapidly, and it is now more important than ever to be aware of how such changes and trends in the tech space can affect you. Whether you are looking out for your business, or simply want to understand how technology makes an impact in your everyday life, there are a couple of trends which will affect your life in some way shape or form.

4 IT Trends to Watch in 2021

Keep reading to learn what these trends are so you can future-proof your personal and professional life.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, otherwise known as AR, is a tech trend which has been making waves across the world since the early 21st century. AR involves technical systems which combine real-time 3d vision with sound, touch, location data and other senses to help immerse an individual into a ‘fake’ digital experience.

According to RMIT university, AR is now being incorporated into many aspects and industries of the world – from everyday recreational use to professional business functions. Businesses – especially ecommerce businesses – are applying such technology to improve their customer experiences through 3D product displays, virtual reality headsets and products which incorporate AR.

AR is set to become a staple in not only the business world, but also throughout a wide spectrum of human activity, and it is only beneficial for you to learn more about AR and how it may impact your own professional and personal life.


Automatic technology dates back to the 1960s, when robots were first manufactured in mass numbers. Nowadays, automation is much less obvious, but still widely integrated into the technologies we use everyday. Automated systems are applied in simple everyday technologies (such as computer software) as well as more specialised and professional technologies (such as expense management systems). Professional technologies like expense management systems in particular are set to have a great impact on the business world.

From a convenience perspective, the integration of automated systems in our everyday lives is only going to grow, as the potential of technology gains recognition as well. Without any far-reaching economic nor social consequences, automation is sure to become a norm in our day to day lives.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is another rising IT trend which is taking the world by storm. Most well known for its involvement in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, blockchain technology is often considered the future of data storage, due to its added security measures and unique network activity.

Blockchain technology is unique from other cloud-based data storage technologies due to its secure system of recording and verifying transactions in a decentralised space. Rather than giving sole control to the owner of the data, blockchain technology distributes ownership control to all members of its network. Although not as accessible right now, blockchain will certainly soon become the preferred and common way of online data storage.

‘Internet of Things’

The term ‘internet of things’ refers to a growing business strategy where multiple technological and online platforms are connected and analysed to create a holistic impression of a business. From platforms such as search engines, to social media and traditional news form media, the ‘internet of things’ serves as an ‘intelligent digital mesh’ which affects not only businesses, but also our personal operations in our everyday lives.

The ‘internet of things’ concept will soon be involved in all important disciplines, such as politics, economics, law and business.

Keeping Up with the IT Trends

AR, automation, blockchain technology and ‘internet of things’ are four of the ever-growing trends set to make an impact on your personal and professional life. Be sure to keep watch on these trends as they continue to make changes to the world in ways that you may never expect.

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