PYD 1388 And PYD 1398 Dual Element Pyros: Features And Applications

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Dual Element Pyro detectors are very well performed in the motion detecting industry. It provides precision and efficacy to the devices. Dual elements generally offer analog pyro detecting. This series of pyd 1388 pyd 1398 dual element pyros is the upgrade from the LHi 878 and LHi 968, and they also replace them in modern devices.

PYD 1388 And PYD 1398 Dual Element Pyros

The DigiPyro detector range is used for TO-5 housing, and it includes dual elements. It also comes in different sizes used for different devices. All the window sizes have similar configuration circuits. Internal electronic circuits are also similar in configuration.


TO-5 metal housing for EMI shielding

With the growth of practical applications of electronic devices in military, commercial and industrial areas, it has become a necessity to use upgraded versions of motion detectors. Dual pyro detectors pyd 1388 and pyd 1398 provide efficacy to reduce noise cancellation due to an increase in the frequency of excessive use of electronic devices. Electromagnetic Interferences can cause malfunctioning of the equipment; also, it needs to be reduced in modern smart devices.

High responsivity ceramic piezoelectric elements

The high responsive ceramic pyroelectric makes it sensitive to temperature changes. It reduces the risk of system failure due to temperature disasters or short circuits.

Dual detector with 2 × 1 mm2 elements

Two sensing elements provided in the configuration these two elements are connected to each other in reverse polarity. This positioning provides an AC signal when the motion is detected. It stays in the common mode of rejection for nonmoving radiation.

95°/100° field-of-view

Digipyros has various window sizes which provide a desired field of view. This particular Dual element pyd 1388 pyd 1398 dual element pyros provides a 95 to a 100-degree view.

Integrated FET in source follower configuration

The Integrated FET configuration is the most widely used in circuits. It gives a common source circuit. The common source circuit provides medium input and output impedance levels. Current gain and voltage gain both stay as a medium, and the output is described as inverse input which means 180 degrees phase change. This ensures a good overall performance which is what makes it this popular.

Integrated EMI filtering stage

The dual pyros also provide EMI filtering, which reduces the noises from other electronic equipment and makes it more efficient.

Other Features and working

Both of these pyd 1388 pyd 1398 dual element pyros models provide two sensing elements placed in the opposite position with the follower circuit to connect them from the same power supply source.

The PYD 1388 is the base model pyro in the standard series of analog pyro detecting. 1398 has some additional features than 1388. It provides a larger window which reduces the white light sensitivity. It also comes with the gate resistor, which increases low-temperature performance with efficacy.

Both sensors come with two EMI versions

They both also have the standard version of 1 RC-Filter at the drain and source pin.
To make the application better with strong EMI conditions, it consists of a version of an additional RC filtering stage to reduce interference effects further. It helps in noise cancellation in case the sensors are close to 5G or antennas.


Horizontal mounting applications

Horizontal mounting becomes easier with these sensors as they have dual elements. Most of the Dual elements are better for horizontal mounting or wall mounting, while four elements are better for ceiling mountings.

Optimal for cost-effective designs

The circuits have two sensor elements that are placed opposite and connected to the same power source, which makes them efficient. Better response to the temperature changes and efficient application at low temperatures makes it cost-effective.

Long-distance human motion detection (with lens)

These sensors also have additional features in optical lenses, making it easier for the sensors to detect long-range human motion.

Energy-saving applications

These pyro detectors can be coupled with auto-off and on mode, which reduces power usage for the sensors. It reduces the cost even more and makes battery-operated and remotely operated devices easy to handle.

Intrusion alarms

The intrusion alarms coupled with the wake-up host system are all people need while protecting the property or loved ones which is easier with pyd 1388 and 1398.

The pyd 1388 and pyd 1398 pyro detectors are energy efficient and upgraded versions of old LHi detectors. These come with better features and more possible applications than LHi. These sensors provide better pyroelectric response and easier horizontal mounting.

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