Key Tools to Grow From A Small Ecommerce Startup to A Multi-Million Dollar Business

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Do you think eCommerce success is only reserved for the selected few well-established global brands? You are terribly wrong. In the past few years, we have seen the emergence of too many niche eCommerce stores with a global appeal and success. Constantly, new eCommerce success stories are adding to the elite club of successful and rich online stores. So, success is not really out of reach if an eCommerce development company knows the tools, tricks, and tips that made other eCommerce success stories.

Here through the length of this post, we are going to explain the best eCommerce tools that help a business build a multi-billion dollar business from scratch.

Key Tools to Grow From A Small Ecommerce Startup to A Multi-Million Dollar Business

What You Need To Look For Considering The Best eCommerce Website Tools?

To build eCommerce websites with all the helpful features and functionalities for your target audience, you have an array of quality tools and eCommerce growth techniques to choose from. Some of the key considerations for choosing the right tools for an eCommerce website include the following.

  • Mobile-friendliness: First of all, the plugin must be fully optimised for mobile screens and functionality.
  • Scalability: The plugin must be scalable enough to allow increased usage.
  • Security: The plugin must not compromise with the data security of the website.
  • Maintenance and updates: The plugin should have regular maintenance and come with frequent updates.

Now let us describe various important tools in different categories.


Different eCommerce CMS

● Shopify

Shopify is the comprehensive hosted CMS platform equipped with all the tools like shopify post purchase upsell tool, and resources for building your eCommerce store in no time. Even if you have little development skills, building and managing a Shopify store is very easy as the platform allows putting all the right things at their designated places.

● WooCommerce

WooCommeerce may not provide hosting solution and maybe a little challenging for scaling up, but with comprehensive features, power of WordPress, a lot of customisation options and ease of use it can be an ideal choice for eCommerce startups. The best thing is you can start with the platform for free and later on you can go for upgrades to access advanced features.


eCommerce Research Tools

● SEMRush


SEMRush is the leading tool for website performance and various user experience metrics. The eCommerce businesses who want to grab the most relevant keywords and insights related to this will find SEMRush tremendously useful. This tool is capable to track millions of keywords for any niche.

● Ahrefs


For eCommerce websites, there is not a more powerful and fully equipped tool as Ahrefs. The tool apart from supplying you with great insights about keywords is also capable to track the marketing performance of all backlinks of the competitors. The platform is a great choice for small businesses and startups.


Email Marketing Tools

● Bronto and Email Aptitude

Email marketing is still one of the most important ways to connect to the target users and convert business. From beautifully crafted emails to offering a comprehensive email strategy for the online marketers to the creation of personalised emails based on data points and purchase history, you get everything from these two popular email marketing tools. The users of these tools have experienced a few hundred times increase in the number of subscribers and a great boost to their revenue.

● Reviews, UGC and Traffic Conversion

Reviews, UGC and Traffic Conversion

A vast majority of buyers are now influenced directly by the customer reviews more than anything else. The customer reviews actually offer the most valid and relevant proofs about the claims of the brand. User-generated content (UGC) on the other hand helps to build an association with the brands and push people to buy the look and feel of the products. You can also source branded content by joining a trusted influencer marketing platform. There you can find quality influencers, vet them, select the best ones and then compensate them for creating authentic and engaging content for your brand.

● Yotpo, TrustPilot, and PowerReviews

Yotpo for the sake of building loyalty and engaging them with reviews uses Mail After Purchase (MAP) and send emails automatically to an email list after purchase. By partnering with such a tool many eCommerce brands managed to garner thousands of reviews, increased rating and a robust boost in the site traffic as well as business conversion.

Ecommerce websites also need to use some tools that can positively affect website traffic and business conversion. There are great tools to help eCommerce stores establishing relationships with existing and new customers. Yotpo is a nice tool that comes with all the features that you need for pushing business conversion. From social media integration and sharing to coupon marketing to sending email requests to product promotion, it does all. Apart from Yotpo, there are other efficient and rich tools like Trustpilot, PowerReviews, and Stamped.

● Loyalty & Rewards

Finally, an eCommerce website must have some tools for loyalty and rewards to boost sales conversion and push brand royalty. To beat the competition and to win back your customers who are less engaged after the first few purchases, loyalty and rewards programs are a must. After all, an engaged customer community that sticks to a brand through all the ups and downs is what makes a great eCommerce brand.

Typically, beautifully crafted and audience-focused loyalty programs for most brands generate several times more sales. The key is to make customers feel attached to the brand. To achieve this, you have an array of quality tools for loyalty and rewards programs like S Loyalty,, Swell Rewards, LoyaltyLion, Annex Cloud, and several others.

● S Loyalty and

S Loyalty is the tool that allows a lot of flexibility for the high-volume retail merchants to opt from a variety of point redemption levels and reward types of rewards. is another highly creative tool to offer a wide range of loyalty and reward programs for every type of online brand across niches and sizes.


Those days are gone when the online success of small business used to inspire awe and surprise. Now, thanks to a whole array of ready to use eCommerce marketing tools businesses of all sizes and niches can experience a level-playing field.

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