What Benefits in A Personal Voice Assistant Technology

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Chances are we have all heard about or maybe even used voice assistant technology in one form or another. Leading tech-giants have all launched products that support voice technology. Some examples include Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and, of course, Apple’s Siri.

What Benefits in A Personal Voice Assistant Technology

In the past few years, more companies have been exploring personal voice assistant technology for app development and tech-business. Encompassing the advantages, this has translated into an increase in usage and awareness from consumers. Global auditing company PwC, in recent research, states that from the 1000 consumers (aged 18-64) questioned, the knowledge about voice technology was at 90% of the subjects, and a majority (72%) had also used a voice assistant.

According to research on Juniper, about 3.25 billion voice assistants in use currently and the numbers are poised to get to 8 billion personal voice assistants in use by 2023. Now with breakthroughs in artificial intelligence assistive technology, these voice assistants are increasingly useful in enterprise settings.

More business owners need to consider the various benefits they can derive from the advantages of voice-activated personal assistant I will be discussing below:

Enhances e-Commerce Marketing

For those in the e-Commerce industry, these voice assistant technology-enabled chatbots are a great way to thrill customers, by providing them with the ease of online shopping on any device. Also, businesses get data gathered from consumer information based on their interests, device, cart/purchase history, access location, search history, etc. The data collected can be used for personalized marketing strategies and improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business website

Provides 24/7 Customer Support

Consumers request for round the clock support. Sometimes there are instances when they require assistance at odd hours, and when help isn’t available, it becomes a frustrating experience. To avoid such situations, voice assistants come in handy. A digital talking assistant does not require any off days or sick leaves that interrupt customer care and experiences.

Take, for instance, if you run a hotel using voice assistant technology, if a guest gets too cold or warm at night, rather than call the front desk or fiddle with instruments, the guest can make use of the in-room smart speaker. Therefore, you eliminate the need for night support staff because you are covered with personal assistant technology, and your 24/7 customer support is guaranteed.

Eradicates Language Barriers

While travelling abroad or even while interacting with content online, most people have to deal with language barriers. So what’s the solution? Including personal assistant technology integrated with automatic translation to help ease the language barrier.

For example, Google’s assistant is compatible with 27 different languages and working on adding more languages. Thus, when consumers are able to communicate with you in their native language, it can unequivocally lead to better customer experience and more business for you.

Helps Streamline Operations

Another excellent business benefit of personal voice assistants is that it streamlines operations that come with integrating digital assistants into your business. Even with emerging innovations and deep learning, these talking assistants never stop working. They are continually accessing reports, analyzing data, and ensuring critical systems are updated.

You can make use of Alexa Skills and Google Actions to facilitate specific actions for your customers. Artificial intelligence assistant technology helps your business to streamline day-to-day operations that are always being supervised. Things such as remembering important dates, deadlines, booking appointments, scheduling, etc. can be all triggered using specific voice commands.

Saves Time by Automating Repetitive Tasks

Automating repeated tasks to a voice-activated personal assistant frees up the human time and resources. Also, it can efficiently perform these mundane tasks with no errors, which often leads to an improvement in customer satisfaction. While voice assistants are left to deal with routine tasks, humans can dedicate more time to duties where human intervention is required for successful business solutions and services.

Additionally, introducing voice assistants to your workforce will not only impact your consumers’ experience but will also improve the overall productivity level of your business. A report from Gartner states that by 2021, Artificial Intelligent assistant technology will not only generate $2.9 trillion in business value but also recover 6.2 billion employee working hours.

Enables Smart Offices

Voice assistants also allow the creation of smart and connected offices. If a voice-activated personal assistant knows that a particular part of the office space will not be in use, it can connect with smart office solutions to turn off the lights and other utilities until the area is needed. You can do this by simply setting up a smart thermostat to your voice assistant and tell it when you’re leaving the office so that your heating and lights get turned off. Also, office and business resources can be ordered using simple voice commands and likewise set to give alerts when supplies are running low.

Aids Hand-free Operation

Voice talking gives consumers hands-free access to many functions because you only need the voice to activate them. So it makes it easier and faster to do certain things. The research from PwC shows that consumers often make use of personal voice assistant while doing other tasks such as cooking, getting your essay reviewed by Online Writers Rating, when in bed, watching TV, driving, etc.

The research also shows that several demographic groups find it easy to use voice assistance. Hence the high adoption rate of voice technology poses great potential for companies that can utilise the technology to their advantage.


One thing is for sure. Personal voice assistance technology is here to stay. Just the simple thought of talking to a device to get some tasks done is an appealing innovation that presents multiple opportunities, most notably for businesses. The voice talking technology is poised to continue to shift consumer behaviour, and it, if necessary, for businesses to prepare to meet consumer needs. Getting into the voice technology space today is bound to make a huge difference and give your brand an edge in a highly competitive market.

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