10 Reasons Why You Should Get an Apple TV

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As much as we have noticed throughout the years, we can definitely say that science isn’t really going to stop in excelling and making things better than they used to be before. Thanks to all of the inventions one of the prime time one was the TV, that really shook and changed the world. All of these years’ tons of names have tried to make sure the experience of watching it gets better and better and they all managed to make wonder as well. On the same time came in Apple quite recently when they thought, yes! Why not a TV? Well, since it was Apple how could anything go wrong. So here is a rundown on the 10 convincing reasons of why you should get an Apple TV.

10. It has Siri

A talking TV! Smart Apple, very smart! People would love to talk to a TV and tell it what to play which channel they want to surf onto and which show they want to watch. Apple was wise enough to setup their powerful human like talking feature embedded into their TV and people really like interacting with it so yes, talk to a TV and make it work. Brilliant!


9. It has superb remote control

Even if you’re not a kind of a person who wants to talk to a TV because it might sound and get creepy at times. Apple TV is still going to give you all of the power to your hand with their improved and much effective remote control device. The edge-sensitive navigation controls of the touch pad are going to make you change the channels and select all of the features all day long with ease and of course portability as well.


8. It comes with an artistic interface

Apple has been known previously in the industry to throw in innovation with colours and also elegance with their interface. Every single time even when iPhone won the battle among all other phones it was all about the interface too. The same thing and the experiment is what they have tried to run with their TV too the interactive and artistic stills alongside the placement of all the features right where they need to be and be accessible with a touch of a button is what Apple made happen and that is what everyone loves too.

10 Reasons Why You Should Get an Apple TV

7. It has polished menus

Thanks to the interface and the 4K capability Apple also made sure that it works on all of the menus and makes them look interactive too. It’s worth discussion and also appreciation how its high refresh rate menus that are embedded with the Apple engine help make its 4K HDR experience feel more consistent and engaging. This is again, Apple trying to play with the minds of all of the users and trying to keep them indulged into their product.


6. It has universal video output

Universal video output even from the sound of it actually feels like quite a feature and it makes sure that you have the liberty of staying away from more and more connectivity issues and even the wires. That’s the concept behind the product and that is a cloud being made within your home allowing you to work and make those videos play from almost anywhere. No matter what the format or the picture is coming from the Apple TV is going to be smart enough to make sure that you can connect the sources and see the items from one device to the other without a hassle.


5. It’s easy to setup

What can be more than a luxury than having a product that can be setup without getting worried about much of the other things? Apple TV targets to give you that exact same amount of relaxation and ease. The initial installation process guides you through everything you need to do succinctly and thoughtfully. This also includes the TV trying to connect with all of the available and authorized Apple devices in your home. In other words, you don’t have to go through the hectic work of setting up a server and then connecting all of the other devices altogether.


4. It has star picture quality

So if you have a very good video quality running on with a good speed on your broadband, say like somewhere around 15mbps. You can actually have fun more than that is expected. Apple has made sure the screen is capable of making you believe as if you’re having a look at the scene with your bare eyes and nothing in between. So if you have 4K intact and you are ready to watch? Try the Apple TV and it is really going to surprise you with its capability.


3. It upgrades HD to 4K, for Free!

Good news from the centre is that if you were enthusiastic enough to buy multiple films on iTunes and those too in their HD format, then they will automatically be upgraded to their 4K, HDR versions. But that’s not where the deal is going to end, it will happen for free. But of course we don’t have to tell you that to avail that service the movie you are looking for has to be released in 4K. This is Apple trying to be as generous as possible and this is not something you get to see every day.


2. It can support High Dynamic Range

If you haven’t really heard about the High Dynamic Range, then we should tell you that its acronym is HDR and if you have been using an iPhone for quite a long time now then you should have noticed despite being a layman that all of the pictures taken in the HDR appear to be more attractive and full of reality. The same engine has been embedded with the Apple TV and you can actually enjoy the clarity and the reality onto the next level. More fun packing here.


1. It supports 4K

Now what can possibly get bigger than 4K right? What can possibly get more realistic than 4K too? Since the previous versions of the Apple TV were not able to support 4K you can now get it in the newer version and that is just a cherry on top of the cake. The 4K support covers the v.2.0a HDMI output.

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