9 Reasons Why You Should Have Bought the Echo Spot Months Ago

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Amazon offers you the Echo virtual personal assistant that resembles the likes of Microsoft Cortana and Apple’s Siri. Despite playing in the same field as established competitors like the Apple’s Siri, there are things that set the Amazon Echo apart that will inspire you to consider getting it over its competitors.

Amazon Echo Spot

Ian Andrews, a talented entrepreneur who has also been doing tech reviews, has highlighted some of the features about the Amazon Echo that place it at a position of advantage over its competitors, so if you have not got one yet you will be missing the following.



1. Hardware-based virtual assistant

The Amazon Echo is a hardware-based virtual assistant that allows you to pose questions to get answers. You can learn about many things including traffic, get reminders about what you have put on your schedules and many more services that will help to make your life better. More important is that you can search locally to even locate restaurants and Uber cabs near you that you can request. Its best part is on accuracy as it is configured perfectly to only share the correct information about what you ask for, and it does not forget the schedules you place with it.

2. Awesome design

One aspect of the gadget that you cannot overlook is its design, which is made to look great in a room. The Amazon Echo is designed with a clean black finish that comes with a colored ring at the top that will light up whenever you are interacting. It is slightly above 9 inches and three inches wide, so this allows the gadget to be placed in any location within your home.

3. Growing application support

Due to the many users who have chosen the Amazon Echo over other virtual assistant gadgets, its app support has been growing. Since the gadget was launched in 2014, Amazon has performed well in the addition of more apps to the platform. Users are now able to listen to music from Pandora and get audio books through the gadget. Additionally, you can enjoy playlists on Spotify and there is a wide array of apps you can use on the gadget that allow you to customize your user experience.



4. Effective alarm clock function

If you have been looking for a different type of alarm, you will find the Amazon Echo an ideal option for your needs. It is a perfect choice as it comes with a simple voice command system that is able to take few words instructions and set an alarm for you. This eliminates the need to keep fumbling with settings on your phone trying to set the alarm correctly. Most importantly, you can use the Amazon Echo as a timer to alert you about important events, which helps for those who are likely to forget about events they are members to.

5. Solid audio quality

You will love about the quality of the audio included in the Amazon Echo. Although it does not come with the most advanced speakers in the market, the device offers sound that is quite good. It comes with a 2.5-inch woofer that delivers a solid smooth bass. It also features a 2-inch tweeter that hits the high notes and together these parts produce good sound that can fill a room while playing music or audio books.

6. Smart home support

As homes get smarter with the inclusion of technology, there has been need to also come up with gadgets that are helpful in the home setup. Apple has offered to inject support to ensure your Amazon Echo functions through commands where it will be able to turn off lights, connect and disconnect devices as well as manage heating conditions, all this automatically. This eliminates a lot of work where you have to keep monitoring your home for these changes.

7. Remarkable audible range

Another more surprising thing about the Amazon Echo that you will love to hear about is the remarkable audible range the gadget offers. A user can hear its voice even while standing far away from it, and good thing is the voice is spread across 360 degrees. It does not just start working because you are close, but with its wide range of signal spread you can enjoy a seamless experience.

8. Play videos

The Amazon Echo Spot is able to link to Amazon Video to allow you to enjoy videos. It also gets videos through Spotify and channels like Amazon Music.



9. Live feeds

If you have cameras around your home, you can easily monitor activities through the Amazon Echo Spot as it provides a preview of all activities within the surroundings. Although it has its own camera, it can also be linked to external cameras to help you manage your home from a distance after getting updates.

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