Top Self-Service Analytics Software

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Businesses need relevant data to make sound decisions. But the truth is that there aren’t many professionally-trained data scientists or analysts. For these reasons, it is difficult to get relevant data insight when it comes to making business decisions.

Top Self-Service Analytics Software

In such circumstances, self-service software comes in handy. This software plays a similar role to data analysts. With this software, you get an incredible representation of data. Moreover, you don’t need an analyst to help you understand it. To benefit from this software, users aren’t required to have any specialized knowledge. You can use self-service analytics software to spot and exploit a great business opportunity. With this software, you can also document business data and information for future use. The data can then help you to predict business trends and stay ahead of your competitors.

Here is a list of top self-service analytic software:


Business data is sometimes complex and beyond your comprehension, but Sisense software makes it easy for you. This software saves you from the hassle of dealing with traditional data analysis methods. It delivers immense value, agility, performance, and much more. Sisense is an advanced tool that impresses most of its users. What’s more is that it’s a low-cost self-service tool that you can use without a data expert.

Microsoft Power BI Pro

Microsoft is a distinguished company when it comes to software, and the Microsoft Power BI Pro software doesn’t disappoint. It ranks among the best self-service analytics software. It allows you as a business owner to explore business data, generate reports, and enhance your productivity.

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TIBCO Spotfire

Another excellent self-service analytics software is the TIBCO Spotfire software. It is everything a business owner desires in regards to analyzing data. The best part is that you don’t need to deploy any IT intervention. With this intuitive tool, you can accomplish a lot. Some of its capabilities include domain-specific applications, interactive reporting, powerful predictive interactives, and more. The advantages of this software include fascinating data wrangling and predictive analysis.

Tableau Desktop

If you’ve been looking for a straightforward self-service analytics software, the Tableau Desktop software isn’t bad. It is one of the tools that can help you understand your business data better. The Tableau Desktop software allows you to share data, visualize it, as well as analyze it. When it comes to identifying opportunities, this should be your go-to software. One of its strengths is speed. You can analyze massive data with this software within a few hours, and it combines all of your data sources and generates comprehensive reports. As if that’s not enough, it comes with a keyword model for data generation.

Without prior knowledge of self-service analytic software, it is easy to choose the wrong tool. If you need one, this article is written for you. And of all the software we have listed above, you can get a tool that suits your business model. Choose one tool from this list and try it out. If you don’t like it, you are free to try out other software.

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