How to Convert Your Brand Value in 6 Figures Within a Year

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Importance of branding your business

The success of any business greatly depends upon its brand building. It is undeniably one of the most important strategies which you can adopt for the continuous success of your business. Whether your business is new or already well established.

Intelligent branding delivers a clear view of your business to your customers which in turn can boost sales. Successful branding of your business helps establish a deeper level of trust for your brand among your clients. Your customers perceive your business through your brand. Good branding will eventually drive them to buy more of what you are offering.

Importance of branding your business

A business achieving high profits means the brand value has increased likewise. Thus both complement each other. A well planned and well executed brand building process can do wonders for your business. It can easily elevate your business to new levels of success.

Do not underestimate the potential of branding

According to many studies conducted in the past 5 years, the number of Internet users increased from millions to billions. A great number of these users indulged in online shopping, spending billions of dollars. It is clearly evident that the Internet and social media have greatly benefitted entrepreneurs.

Providing them with numerous opportunities to market their businesses and services. Never have they been able to, so easily market to a global audience, before. The importance of branding, to get the most out of this marketing potential, is undeniable and foolish to ignore.

Deliver a clear message through your branding

The primary goal to achieve when developing a brand for your business, is to keep your messaging and branding, clear and understandable. In an attempt to be different and to stand out, most entrepreneurs end up with a branding which is not clear and does not deliver the desired message. This can cause confusion for potential customers. People will never invest time or money if they don’t understand, exactly what you’re offering them and how it can benefit them.

Design the best possible brand logo and slogan

Design the best possible brand logo and slogan

A logo and tagline is an essential requirement for your brand. The visual representation of your brand is probably what you’ll think about, first of all. Though this is a step in brand development which needs to be executed with utmost care. As you can understand your brand logo will eventually become your calling card and the visual representation of your business. It is what people will use to identify your business and services.

Also, your brand logo will appear on all the products which your business offers. So don’t be afraid to invest more than the usual time and money into it. You should attempt to get a logo design which is unique and exceptional. Establish the authority and visual identity of your business in tasteful style.

It is entirely necessary to get the services of professional designer or creative agency who specialize in logo and business identity design. This sort of investment can do wonders for your overall brand growth and provide the desired results. These professional logo creators can also provide creative insight and develop brand guidelines for you. These guidelines will help maintain consistency for any modifications made to the brand logo in the future and also with its associated color palette.

Make a promotion plan and stick to it

A business and its marketing and promotions activities are both ongoing processes. And this is how they should always be kept, there can be no breaks. It is not wise to promote your business only when you feel like it. You need to stay proactive continuously. Start by creating a sensible and solid marketing strategy and then implement it strictly.

For you plan to be successful you need to be clear in your mind about the requirements. When and what do you need to promote. You should be knowledgeable about the tools which will be required to perform the tasks. How you will keep the promotion cycle running continuously as well as the steps required to be taken to improve the cycle.

Make use of the right software tools

The rise of the internet and social media platforms has also given rise to a great wave of new software and apps. There are now powerful software for various marketing types and activities. There are tools which let you make automated sales, tools which help you organize business information, keep track of business transactions, organize customer data and many others which can help you to automate and grow your business and improve your brand.

Building an audience beyond social media

Social media marketing has been preferred by many entrepreneurs as the definitive marketing strategy because of the easy access which it provides to billions of users and potential customers. But recently the way these companies work has changed. Mainly, because most of the top platforms are now publicly traded companies. They are scrutinized by their shareholders whenever profits drop. So they offer ads through you to the users who like your brand or services. Essentially stealing the attention of your audience and then charging you to get it back.

Building an audience beyond social media

As part of a diverse marketing strategy you need to also find ways where you don’t have to pay for reaching your desired audience. At times your overall marketing budget may limit you to get the best paid ad services and plans on social media platforms. You can utilize the following methods:

  • Participate in podcasts related to your industry.
  • Get published in authoritative publications being read in your industry and let readers know about your brand.
  • Socialize through local events.
  • Build email lists and even make online tutorials to teach others, how to build email lists.



If your brand value has not yet reached the desired six figures for your online business, then you may want to make use of the information presented in this article. Go through the points to determine, the area in your marketing plan which requires further improvement. Invest on brand logo design. Look beyond social media as well to find useful avenues to promote your brand. At the same time, do not underestimate the number of people online, who will readily pay for your products, services or skills.

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