Understanding the Importance of Promotion and Marketing Strategies in Business

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The Business Promotion is the process of presenting the company and the services they are offering or selling goods to its targeted customers by using the various marketing and communication tools. Promotional activities are important for building and maintaining the brand awareness. The business promotion includes all the following activities related to Marketing –

  • Advertising
  • Direct Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

These are used by the companies to implement effective promotional campaigns. There is slight difference between marketing strategies and the promotional activities. Safari SEO in Manchester tells us that marketing is an umbrella term used to describe the promotion and selling of products or services. This includes the broader manufacturing, promoting & selling of a product. While promotion is one part of the marketing mix, that aims to make the product or service known to the customer to sell or build brand awareness. Marketing and Promotional strategies ensure long term success.

Understanding the Importance of Promotion and Marketing Strategies in business

Benefits of Promotional activities for the business:-

Media Platforms like TV, radio, billboards, magazines, social media , corporate gifting, new year gifts are used for the promotion of company and brand. Business Promotion help in different ways which includes – Increase brand awareness, provide the appropriate information, for increasing the customer traffic, building sales & profit to the company.

Before launching the promotional activities you need to be sure about the result you want after the promotion, end results determine the kind of promotion you need to do for business awareness. If a company needs to establish its position in the market place for long term it has to do the branding of the company hence the promotion plays vital role in company growth.

As a business, you are always looking for promotional and marketing activities that are budget-friendly. What if you could use your products and your existing customers to market and promote itself? How are you going to do it? Well, a smart little marketing agency took help from My Nametags to brand their products in a way that was in full view of the public. Every time someone wore their clothing, the brand name and the product was integrated into the styling in such a way that the customers became walking billboards for the brand!

Ways to Promote the export business:-

The Government of India has introduced various schemes to promote the export business in international market, Foreign trade policies are launched for the trade business promotion , Export Promotional Councils are formed to guide the exporters to increase their exports and give them suggestions to improve the quality of goods and services they are exporting in the global market to maintain the international standard of goods & services.

MEIS Scheme/SEIS Scheme/RoDTEP Scheme for export business promotion:-

Various export incentive schemes launched under foreign trade policy 2015-20. Under

MEIS Scheme the goods exporters are availing the benefits of 2% to 5% on the FOB value of exports on notified goods in the form of Duty Credit Scrips which are transferable and can be sold at premium rate.

The Objective of the export incentive schemes to promote the export business and make Indian goods competitive in International Market.

Under SEIS Scheme, service exporters are eligible to avail the benefits of 5% to 7% on the net foreign exchange earned on notified services in the form of scrips which are also transferable in nature.

Indian Government launched RoDTEP Scheme on 13th March 2020 which replaced MEIS Scheme to reimburse the duties and taxes on the export products which may come in effect from April 2021

Use of Social Media in Business Promotion:-

There are so many platforms are available to share the business content for the promotion purpose, we can select the platform by keeping in mind the target audience for that you need to conduct research to find out which are the platforms used by the target audience most to reach the masses, The business promotion need to be interactive on the social media in order to take the advantage of social capability.

Over Promotion of goods or services should be avoided, the content should be informative and should be enjoyable to the audiences. Regular advertising on daily basis may become the reason to fall in the business so over promotion should be avoided.

Legal Requirements in business Promotion:-

Marketing, advertising for the promotion has to meet the legal requirements so that ads cannot break the advertising laws.

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