Create Eye-Catching Videos For Your Social Media

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Have you taken your brand to social media? That’s the surest way to reach a greater audience. Billions of internet users are active on one or several social media platforms. And with your brand there, you can up your sales by influencing your viewers to buy. All you’ll need is engaging videos.

Using videos has proven to be more effective in connecting with your audience. As a marker, you need to master engaging content for successful marketing campaigns. You can’t afford to get it wrong on videos about your brand. If you post unattractive videos on your social media, it will negatively affect your viewer’s perception of your products or services.

Create Eye-Catching Videos For Your Social Media

Today, you don’t require a degree in filming. Or studio with expensive equipment to produce great videos. You need a smartphone, the right video ideas, and a video editor to develop professional-looking content.

Or maybe, you’re new to video creation and looking for a point to start from. Get on board with the tips below and become an amazing video content creator. And you can post them on your social media to grow your following in a big way.

Effective Ways of Creating Captivating Social Media Videos

1. Tell a story

Ever noted that many people love stories? Any video with a story is a done deal. Whether it’s a story about your brand or personal, storytelling has a soft spot in the heart and soul of the audience. By telling a story that your viewers connect with at an emotional or personal level, you raise the engagement with your audience and earn their trust.

As you brainstorm over video ideas, try and include a story in your content. Stories help to attract and retain your audience on your platform. But don’t just take any story. Make sure the story you give has a connection with your brand. Besides, you should edit videos using the best tools like InVideo to align your videos with the brand.

2. Brand Your Videos

Branding is an eye-catching aspect you can use to influence your audience to watch your content. Videos are like a promise to your followers on what your brand offers. Therefore, to be effective, your brand videos should live up to your viewers’ expectations. But that is not all. They should also meet the standards of the brand itself.

Online offers many video editor tools you can use for video branding. Well-branded content with a mission-driven story can do wonders for your followers on social media. While branding, keep in mind the importance of authenticity. Use textures, fonts, and colors that align with your brand.

Focusing greatly on your brand ethos can help make fruitful videos that your audience can enjoy and absorb. When your viewers identify with your video content personally, your products and services will live in their minds and hearts. So, use a video editor that offers great templates you can apply to match your brand.

3. The Start Should be Near Perfect

You can have the best video. Bu how you craft the start determines if your audience will watch to the end. Your video needs to engage your viewers with the first few seconds. If not that, they will scroll down and abandon it. First impression matters in everything, and your content needs to impress at a glance.

Does the platform you want to post your videos use a thumbnail? If not, your views will be your video’s first shot to gauge it. That’s why you need to be careful when picking the first image. It helps to create a good impression of your video.

4. Keep Your Video Short

How long are your videos? That’s another important aspect you should never forget. If your video is long, your viewers lose focus and may not watch. Shorter videos are more engaging than long ones.

The length of your content depends on the social media you intend to post on. As you stick with the length limit, ensure your video is engaging and offers value to your followers. And if you’re getting started, the length limit of your video will make it easy to retain the attention of your viewers to the end.

Sometimes, you can have longer footage and fail to figure out what to remove. That happens when you’ve got near-perfect footage or want your video to capture all aspects of your brand. But with a reliable video editor tool, you can manage to make every piece of your film count.

5. Pay Maximum Attention to Lighting

Have you ever started watching a certain video and the lighting made you look interested? Lighting creates atmosphere, visual mode, and meaning for your audience. With no good lighting, even the perfect camera won’t capture good videos, which can discourage watching.

Light has a great effect on the quality of the video-content recording. Make sure to avoid too much backlight since it can make your content lose details and color. If you can take advantage of the natural lighting, your videos will be attractive.

6. Stream Live Events

Does your brand need real-time audience engagement? You’ll never go wrong with live videos. Capturing live videos performs exceptionally on social platforms. Besides, live videos differentiate your brand from others.

Several social media platforms allow live streaming, and many online users spend a considerable amount of time watching live videos. That’s why as a marketer, you should try and maximize your efforts on such content. You may begin promoting your live event before the actual time. That allows your viewer to prepare for your video and be present online at the right time.

As a way of teasing your audience, you can build eagerness at this stage. Besides, you can cultivate interest within the minds of your followers. And to guarantee all goes on well, you may play out a mock broadcast for your followers.

7. Add a Call to Action

Today, many online users seek a solution to their problems. Your social media videos may be well-thought and made. And can be engaging. But when your audience does not understand how to act when done watching, they can scroll and abandon your videos. Therefore, make sure to show your audience the next cause of action, and your content will drive results.


It doesn’t matter the level of your skill in video creation. You will immediately begin creating eye-catching content to post on your social media by following the tips mentioned above. Ensure to match your video content with your brand through video editor tools. After shooting your footage, you can edit the video to develop the most engaging content. That way, you’ll make your brand popular.

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