Email Helps Run PRINCE2 Foundation Projects

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Whether you own a large corporation or have a small business, you know that email takes up a large portion of your time. Many organizations still use email extensively and find it to be a very convenient tool. However, with increased usage comes more responsibility and more emails that must be read, answered, and deleted. Accustomed to reading emails everywhere, they are found as “normal,” webmail programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are directed to read, retrieve, and delete emails. PRINCE2 Foundation Courses do not stipulate the usage of this, but its common sense.

[email protected]

This handy little email program allows you to receive, store, sort, and store messages from end-users. It also allows you to attach documents to your email emails. The attached documents are downloaded to the mailbox and are then viewable once you have finished reading. You can very easily attach PDF files through this program.

Email Helps Run PRINCE2 Foundation Projects

View-Master lets you view your emails as well as posts made in your Microsoft Outlook program. You can very easily attach PDF files as well. The View-Master inlet lets you view emails one at a time. This is a great feature for busy people and archive emails from the past.


Tidyset is the direct competitor to those mentioned above with the main purpose of creating an efficient all-in-one tool for organizing your personal information and keeping it well-organized.

As far as features, Tidyset is a very nicely done program that offers many excellent features. It will let you create tasks for yourself that can be set up as recurring tasks or daily tasks. You can very easily schedule meetings through this program and sit back, relax, and let it do all of the work for you.

Google Tasks

Google Task directly competes with Task Manager that is found in Outlook Express. Google Task allows you to set up tasks as recurring tasks or as daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. This is the program that directly competes with Trac.

The primary features of Tidyset and Google Task are mutual compatibility and sharing of resources.

Pro bothersome programs

Sometimes it’s nice to do a little bug fixing. Some programs can take up so much of your time that you find yourself spending more time on them than on contributing to your work. You might find these programs in Outlook Express, Firefox, Google Docs, and many other programs.

Wrap it up

There are several ways to customize Outlook 2010 for free. Each way will help you to use Outlook 2010 in the unique way that you Starter or Master.

Email: You can customize Outlook to make it work for you personally.

Note: I recommend using IMAP for all of your personal information as the sync capabilities are very excellent.

Worrying about backing up your email is a common issue; thus, you should use Microsoft Exchange 2010 to sync all of your emails. We don’t recommend PST files from Outlook because they are much more easily corrupted than PST files from other file formats. PST files from Outlook, therefore, should be viewed as a costly enterprise solution that is only recommended for large and multinational organizations.

Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, and Personal Firewall: The best way to protect yourself is to have an up-to-date Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, and personal firewall for your computer.

Contacts: Other than Outlook, you probably have many other programs that send and receive your email; therefore, you need to protect your computer.

Keep it clear that you’re not trying to hide something or asking the recipient to spy on what you’re doing.

Always read the subject of your message and ask yourself if it is important.

Personalize Your Outlook

Microsoft has finally come up with a worthy competitor to AOL and Hotmail, making something that they probably spent a good amount of time on. It is so much better than what they’re doing. You have to admit that it is probably technologically superior and perhaps even better designed than their “product.” Still, something that many users of Microsoft’s products complain about over the complaints is that they/can sometimes uncover what the program was doing while in the background.

A little thing called privacy.

In the next release, Microsoft may further develop their email encryption, further hiding what Outlook is doing from the end-user while providing the option for the user to continue to work with the email.

In the next release, Microsoft may develop some Linked Notessecure easter e-mail option (through SkyDrive or SharePoint), further hiding the fact that Outlook is doing all the work.

Do you know what the solution for all of this is?

You can turn Outlook off (set it to reliable mode), but the very next thing you can do is choose to notify the person(s) that Outlook is doing all the work.

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