Effective Ways for Social Media Marketing without Spending a Single Penny

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If you are intelligent with your marketing then you will not have to spend a single penny for your social media marketing.

Effective ways for Social Media Marketing without Spending a Single Penny

Some ways in which you can conduct Social Media Marketing without spending money: –

• Relationship Building: –

Building relationships is critical if you want to succeed in your social media marketing campaign. You should make good relationships with your clients and customers and also with your business partners and this way all your partners and clients will spread the word about your website and business through word of mouth and other promotions.

Thus relationship building is a critical step in social media marketing as many times your followers and colleagues can also go for the products and services being provided by you.

• Making Social Media Partners: –

It is also a good idea to make social media partners who help you get more and more business. You can share a part of the profit with these partners and you can promote their products on your page in return for they promoting your products on their page. Thus both parties benefit and there is a win-win situation which takes place.

You should network extensively and make as many partners as possible as more partners means more promotions and more promotions means more business

• Give Freebies Like Ebooks: –

You can also give away freebies like e books on your social media page and this will interest a lot of customers who are looking for information which you are providing in the e book. This will also inspire loyalty for your site and brand and these people who get the free book will definitely refer you to others who are their friends and colleagues.
When you get something for free and the giveaway is good quality then you will definitely become brand loyal and always buy the product or service from the same vendor. Thus freebies have a positive impact on building loyalty and sales.

• Provide Exclusive Discounts: –

You can also provide exclusive discounts to all your followers as a gift for subscribing to your page or channel. This will keep them happy and you will be able to attract more followers through word of mouth and without spending any money.

Everyone is looking for a good deal and if you provide goods and services at discounted prices to start with then you will definitely increase your customer base and once the customer is happy and satisfied with your service then he will become brand loyal and will always buy from you.

• Create and Run Contests: –

Another great way of getting people hooked on to your products and page is through running contests on your social media pages. You can also give away accessories and freebies as gifts for the winners. This will inspire brand loyalty and more and more people will come and take part in the competition and this will help you become popular with your followers while keeping them engaged.

The gifts and give always need not be very expensive or costly. In fact you should give away some products or services and offers which you sell at discounted prices and thus you generate business and also engage the customer.

• Affiliate Marketing: –

Affiliate marketing is a great way of getting customers through promoting on the websites and pages of your partners and you can advertise their products and services on your site. This becomes a win-win proposition and both parties benefit.

With affiliate marketing you do not have to spend money and you get free advertising and promotion on other good sites. Thus you should definitely go for this tool and utilize it to the optimum so that you can maximize your profits with minimum costs.

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