The Perfect Guide To Instagram Influencer Marketing For 2021 & Beyond

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A few years ago, influencer marketing was limited to a few bloggers and celebrities. Now, we have seen it has grown, immerse the platform, and even there are chances to end up in fraud.

The Perfect Guide To Instagram Influencer Marketing For 2021 & Beyond

Influencer Marketing

It’s a kind of social media marketing that has a recent hype in the market. There are multiple influencers with various niches on Instagram who have massive followers count. Influencer marketing succeeds because of the trustable followers base that they have built, and a perfect suggestion from them gives your brand a solid social presence and helps in getting more customers.

How To Make The Influencer Marketing Strategy

An influencer campaign needs accurate planning and targeting like any marketing ploy. You won’t get success through sending free products to everyone or your friends and neighbors.

Know The Tricks On Finding Influencers And Paying them

Research is the very first process like any other strategy. Select the network that you need to target. You could work with multiple networks later, but while starting, stand with one firmly. Naturally, your brand needs to have a strong presence already on the platform or look to enlarge it.

If you are confused about where to start, social listening helps you grab where audiences are articulating your brand and industry. It brings you to find out the influential voices on the network.

Your industry also matters while planning an influencer marketing strategy. Fashion and beauty brands dominate on YouTube and Instagram. The games industry shines on Twitch.

During the research, deeply look at the influencer types that you are interested in. Will you choose micro-influencers with below 2500 followers? Or celebrities with huge followings? Your budget is based on your selection.

Micro-influencers accept products and widely look for the standard rates. Some micro-influencers work via network or agency, while some work independently. And so, macro-influencers need high compensation whoever you choose. On the other hand, you want to think more about your expected Revenue On Investment(ROI) before selecting an influencer for the marketing campaign.

According to the research, influencer payment on Instagram looks at the typical cost per post and got:

  • The overall standard price was $269 per post on Instagram.
  • The standard price for micro-influencers with lower than 2000 fans was $85 per Instagram post.
  • The standard price for macro-influencers with higher than 200000 fans was $759 per Instagram post.

Bring a Management Strategy And Budget

You have some conclusion on paying influencers, and now you want to make your budget. Don’t forget to plan, execute, and review your influencer campaign all the time. Running an influencer marketing campaign successfully is not an easy task. It involves careful analysis and steady follow-up.

Unlike an automated ad campaign, influencers are human and may make some mistakes in some factors like posting time, selecting ineffective hashtags, or CTA(Call To Action). So, you want to spend more time with influencers to understand what works and what fails in your industry.

If you have more money and time, consider bringing up an ambassador campaign. A famous photography industry on Instagram uses its ambassadors in launching new products and gains more engagement and conversions.

For big brands, needy of massive influencers, landing at an influencer marketing agency is a great effort to do the proper research for you.

Fix On Your Message And Goals

The two significant things to use influencer campaigns are increasing sales and enlarging brand awareness. Instead of fixing huge targets, it is more effective to start your strategy on what your brand wants. It is more important to develop your followers count in the younger audience. Otherwise, you need to bring a fresh product. Also, you can skip all these and use influencers to make this out.

Influencers can reach your products to the targeted audience and make them engage with your content. Your text is more critical than your objective. Though you don’t need to curb an influencer’s uniqueness and creativity, also you don’t need them to upload something irrelevant to your marketing campaign.

How To Outreach Influencers

Again you need to do research. With a perfect plan set, you can go searching to pick the exact influencers to join hands.

Nowadays, most influencers use the Instagram reels feature to establish a strong presence in their industry. It clearly shows that you can find influencers for your campaign even through the Instagram reels section. You can approach influencers for promoting your products through reels which helps you receive limitless Instagram reels views count to develop brand reputation at a faster pace.

Make the following points during research:

  • Do influencers upload similar things related to your product or service? For instance, if you are a clothing brand and need to advertise a new clothing style, you need to look out for the influencers who regularly upload about clothing.
  • Are they real? It means scrolling their feed section and clicking the posts. Spam-like comments and low engagement ratio to followers base are the signs of fraudulent influencer accounts.
  • Have they joined hands with relevant brands previously? A good influencer contains their work portfolio in their profile.

You could use analytics tools on Twitter to get influencers that fit your marketing campaigns.

Refine And Review Your Strategy

You should have predetermined dates to measure the progress though your influencer marketing campaign is going on. Though every campaign won’t hold the victory, you must track the campaign’s results every time.


This perfect guide on Instagram influencer marketing helps you a lot in building strategy, but it is vital to be ready for the change like any marketing strategy.

The process of influencer marketing is similar to any other marketing process: researching, setting a budget, determining goals, finding your right influencers, and reviewing. Don’t leave if your first try fails; work on it and make it better to taste the campaign victory

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