Facebook Page Unpublished Automatically? How to Appeal on Facebook

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A few days ago, I encountered a problem that my client’s facebook page unpublished automatically, which was selling cannabis legally in Canada. This is the first time that my clients or mine page have been unpublished without any reason. I searched on the internet and found that many people have the same problem but don’t have a proper solution. So, in this post we will discuss “How to Republished Page Unpublished by Facebook Team?” and “How to appeal for unpublished facebook page“. But before this, you have to read about Facebook terms and conditions to avoid your Facebook page from being unpublished.

Facebook Page Unpublished Automatically

If the posts on your Facebook page deal with any infringement in terms and conditions of Facebook, your page would be unpublished and thereby people would no longer be able to see your posts on their news feed. Under such circumstances Facebook “Page appeal” message becomes very crucial to retrieve the account. People are using Facebook account for multiple reasons today like marketing and not just for socializing with people. As a result of which it becomes very important to them to get their account back to normal working state by making an appeal for such suspension. In order to get it published again you have to delete all the posts from your Facebook page and after that make an appeal to the Facebook for publishing your page again. But there is an old adage “prevention is better than cure”, what I actually mean to say is that by keeping following steps in mind avoid your page from being unpublished so that you do not need to make any appeal later.

1. Do Not Involve in Getting Illegal Likes

It is very normal thing to see that people chasing their marketing goals through Facebook are chasing illegal likes by buying them in illegal manner. We can say In order to get more and more likes for their page, many people indulge in a business of selling and purchasing of likes on Facebook. This is something which is going to your page has been unpublished issue on Facebook for their account. When these fake likes are tracked by Facebook your page gets unpublished. So if you want to avoid that situation do not plunge in such an activity.

2. Make Sure that Your Content is not Controversial

It is very important that you comply with all the terms and conditions of the platform that are meant for maintaining harmony amongst people. This is because people from different religion and community may not create communal violence amongst them. If your posts are engaged in spreading any kind of violence or threat among different communities, religion or are spreading communalism, in that case, Facebook has to consider the threat to the external and internal security of a nation and your Facebook page would be liable to unpublished in that state. So make sure that your posts do not contain any controversial stuff. This is the responsibility of a good user to maintain this dignity of the platform and use it in a very fine way.

3. Avoid Spam Posts

In case your Facebook page is found to be publishing unauthentic Spam posts for advertising products illegally, it will create a threat to your page because Facebook does not allow any Spam post to be published by anyone. This is one of the most dangerous thing for your account to post content in bulk for marketing goals. Facebook is very much particular about spasm post and you will not be spared for the same in case you are doing so.

4. Stop Illegal Marketing Through Facebook

Many people use their Facebook page as a platform for the promotion of their illegal business which is against to the terms and conditions of Facebook. If your posts are related to promotion of business like drugs, liquor, war weapons etc. they will get unpublished in order to check such illegal business which could create a threat to the security of a nation. This is a trend that going viral to promote a business through this platform and that is too in illegal manner. Doing marketing through abiding by the rules can help you but you can’t dream of breaking the terms and conditions of Facebook in marketing of your business.

5. Your Content Should be Your

If you have posted a plagiarised stuff on your page, it will create an issue of copyright on intellectual property. Always post fresh content on your page otherwise your page would automatically get unpublished by Facebook and you will lose even your own original content in that case. You must not steal the content and post it with your copyright on the platform. It is a blunder that a person do on Facebook. Such accounts are more likely to be suspended or such posts are unpublished by the platform by taking action against the account. So if you want to use Facebook as genuine marketing platform avoid posting content of others with your name.

6. Do Not Promote Illegitimate Activities by Your Page

If you are promoting illegal online activities like match-fixing, gambling, terrorism, your page would be immediately unpublished by the Facebook. Only promote legitimate and rational content through your posts to avoid suspension issue or page unpublished problem.

How to Republished Page Unpublished by Facebook Team

It can create trouble to your business if the Facebook page of your business gets unpublished by its team due to finding some infringement in terms and conditions of Facebook. The question here is that if you face such issue, how to settle it. Below are some steps to help you in case your page gets unpublished by the Facebook team.

1. Delete all Your Posts

The first step that you are supposed to do is removing your posts from the page, make sure that all the posts are removed from your page. You can do that with the help of different cleaner apps available in market. This is something that can work very well if you find your account very useful in terms of business for you.

2. Make an Appeal

After clearing the posts from page click the appeal button down on the page to republish your page. If your concern is considered genuine by the platform there are chances that you will be able to retrieve your content or pages. Or you can visit this page: Facebook page appeal form

3. Submit Your Appeal by Filling Certain Credential

When you will click on the appeal button it will ask you to write an appeal, there are various template appeals available you can change the details and submit it. This is very crucial step that can be used by majority of people and it works many times as well.

Here is the appeal format:

Dear Facebook Team

The page {YourPageName} I and my colleagues were Managers of was unpublished on 9th of June and we are really suprised because we did not expect this to happen at all. Our fanpage was doing very well and we loved interacting with our loyal fans. We have always posted as per rules set. We would like clear reasoning as to why our page has been unpublished and if the reason is unjust which I think it is, then we would like my page to be republished with immediate effect, we hope for the best and a reply from the Facebook Team.


4. Check your Page After 72 Hour

Once you have gone through the above procedure, it will be republished within 72 hours of appeal if Facebook team finds it liable to be republished. So keep on checking after regular intervals.

This is how you can manage to retrieve your unpublished content or pages from the platform of Facebook. Many people do not have any idea about how to get their unpublished pages of Facebook back by making an appeal or other ways like deleting all the posts from account. You can stick to the above format for doing this task and get the results by getting your posts back. Make sure not to post content on Facebook that hurts others feelings and rights. Violation of terms and services of the platform is not accepted at any conditions by the Facebook.

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