How to Increase Views on Your Instagram Reels?

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Looking for a way to turn your Instagram reel into something more than a video? Are you dreaming of creating a viral masterpiece without putting in too much effort?

Well, then, you’re at the right place!

In this article, we have shared a guide on curating a share-worthy reel on Instagram and improving its overall visibility. One of the best ways to get more engagement is to get instagram views on your posts.

How to Increase Views on Your Instagram Reels

So, without any further ado, let’s begin our journey right away!

Creating An Engaging Instagram Reel – A Guide

Making reels is all about being creative and innovative. Besides, choosing the right topic as a whole will be crucial for your purpose as well.

But, what should you focus the most on?

Let’s find out!

Tip – 1: Use A Unique Piece Of Sound

Want to make your reel seem much more intriguing and engaging? Well, then, don’t forget to create and use a unique sound. You can do it by using a music creator application or opt for a professional producer and buy something from them.

However, if you’re a little lazy (we are, too!), you can also try using a trendy song for your video. When the Instagram algorithm sees that many people are interacting with a particular piece of music, it’ll start sharing the same videos on everyone’s feed.

Tip – 2: Be Unique

Being unique and intricate, especially when it comes to creating reels, is pretty essential. It helps you differentiate yourself from your rivals and create a separate brand personality too. Also, a unique video is more likely to get a high amount of views on instagram than others.

When it comes to creating a reel for your brand, you should focus more on the pain point of your audience. Once you have raised the same in your video, you should try solving the same through your products.

Tip – 3: Use In-Video Captions

While it’s pretty unlikely, many people usually watch reels while keeping their phone on “mute.” Therefore, if you want to make the job easier for them, you can try adding captions within the video. This way, they can watch even while on the go.

Besides, it can also help people who are having trouble understanding your accent. Aside from making everything much more convenient, this habit can also bode well with the Instagram algorithm.

Tip – 4: Include Hashtags

Hashtags are essential for Instagram SEO. The more you use them, the higher your chance of will be to get found by others. Besides, with them, you can also make your posts appear much more SEO-friendly with regards to the platform.

However, while you’re at it, we’ll ask you not to use a generic or broad hashtag on your reel. It will make the selection procedure a little too convoluted for the Instagram algorithm. Instead, you should opt for something more relevant to your niche.

Keep In Mind: Add at least 20-25 hashtags in your post to make it seem relevant and useful for your purpose.

Tip – 5: Don’t Forget Your Captions

Instagram has recently launched a brand new update in the SEO segment regarding keyword search.

Yes, you’ve guessed it right.

The application is, indeed, trying to become a force in the world of search engine modules. Due to this reason, the importance of captions has grown so much during the last few months. Here’s why.

When you are writing a caption relevant to your video and niche, you’re, knowingly or unknowingly, including keywords in it. Thus, if someone is searching by using the exact phrase, your post will be more likely to appear at the top.

Yes, we know that we’ve stressed this enough – but writing a caption can also make your reel much more algorithm-friendly on Instagram.

But, what does this mean to your view count?

Well, the better the Instagram algorithm understands your content, the higher it will place your post and the more views you’ll get.

Final Thoughts

Increasing the views of your Instagram reels will not be too difficult, especially if you’re putting out unique videos consistently. However, if you still feel that you’re not getting enough visibility, try using our tips for a few days. Also, don’t forget to tell us if it worked for you or not. We’ll be waiting for you!

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