Beautiful Duplex House Interior Design in India

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Are you seeking premier flat interior design solutions for your new duplex house? There are plenty of tips and tricks to go around but you should definitely look to employ the services of a professional interior design firm. This will help you give your duplex house a more sophisticated and sleek touch that will be reflected through the choice of fittings, fixtures and placement of furniture. You should ideally look to zero in on the best interior design firm in Bangalore with skilled professionals who can bring your duplex house to life as per your own vision and sense of aesthetics.

Beautiful Duplex House Interior Design in India

Tips for duplex house interiors

There are various flat interior design tips that you should keep in mind, particularly if you have just invested in a duplex apartment.

● Staircase Landings Count

Staircase Landings Count

Do not neglect staircase landings since they are a fulcrum of creating the look and vibe of your duplex house interior. Have the stairway lined with decorative lights which are a major trend these days and on the landing between the two levels, have family photographs, a bookcase, artifacts and basically anything that is personal yet symbolic of your own aesthetics and taste.

● Demarcate Formal & Informal Spaces

Demarcate Formal & Informal Spaces

Owning a duplex apartment means that you will naturally have two levels to play around with. As a result, you can create a formal living room on the ground level which can be used for entertaining and seating guests while a cozier and more informal living space on the upper floor is suitable for more intimate and family-only unwinding.

● Use partitions wisely

Use partitions wisely

For your duplex house interior, you can create a glamorous look in your living room and other areas with partitions. Have a hall which encompasses the dining and living areas alike? Separate them with a partition. Want to separate the entrances to bathrooms or the kitchen? Partitions can be wisely used to great effect in this case.

● A skylight may work wonders

A skylight may work wonders

You may consider installing a skylight between the two floors, i.e. on the passage/stairway or even on the flight of stairs leading to the terrace if you have the same. Skylights create a modern, sleek and appealing look for duplex homes.

● Master Suites are in vogue

Master Suites are in vogue

If you can afford the space, you may consider a master suite upstairs. This will be the highlight of your flat interior design theme. You can create a spacious master bedroom, complete with its own walk-in wardrobe and master bathroom where you may consider installing a bathtub as well. This will create a fabulous effect overall.
Following the above mentioned tips will help you greatly with your duplex house interiors. At the same time, you should do your homework on filtering out and choosing the best interior designers in Bangalore for doing up your home professionally. The right designers and firm will make sure that your aesthetic tastes and design vision are manifested superbly without hitches. After all, your home is not just shelter, it is also symbolic of your own personality and preferences.



A duplex house is different from a regular apartment. Both levels have to be meticulously planned and designed by an expert. Master suites, skylights, twin living areas, partitions, well-decorated staircase landings and other tweaks may work wonders in this regard. The right design firm in Bangalore can help you greatly in this regard.

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