Things to Consider Before Installing Your First Racking System

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Are you planning to install cantilever racking or another type of racking for the first time? Do you want advice on what to consider before you purchase and install racking so it aligns with your specific operational needs? There are multiple things to keep in mind before you make a decision which you might end up regretting if you rush into it. This includes how much space you have, what you expect the movement of your products will be, and what your budget is. This article offers useful information about the things to consider before installing your first racking system.

Things to Consider Before Installing Your First Racking System

How Much Available Space Do You Have?

The available space of your warehouse will invariably influence and determine the racking you choose to install. You should know the exact dimensions of the area, including the shape, height and overall size. The position of your doors and windows will also need to be taken into account, as these can create limitations on what cantilever racking systems are suitable and where they can best be positioned. Knowing these details in advance will help you plan and make more informed decisions to ensure that your warehouse operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

What Are the Movements of Your Products?

The movement of your products will have a significant impact on your choice of racking system to install. For example, perishable goods with an expiration date such as frozen foods and drugs will need racking systems that allow them to be stored and then retrieved sooner to maintain their fresh quality. This is referred to as a First in First Out (FIFO) system. On the other hand, goods that can be stored for longer periods of time can adhere to a Last in First Out (LIFO) system, in which the items stocked last are taken out first and the older goods are stored deeper.

What Are the Features of Your Products?

The better your understanding of a product and its features, the better equipped you’ll be to implement a racking system that suits them. Knowing the characteristics such as the size, weight and diversity of your goods will help inform how they should be stored and organised. For example, cantilever racking is ideal for manufacturing, industrial and building supplies.

What is Your Budget?

Your budget will always determine how much you can invest in a racking system. It’s highly recommended that you get a specialist to assess your warehouse and understand your needs, after which they can suggest a solution that finds a balance between quality and cost. Be wary that cheaper racks are usually less economical in the long run due to the problems they can cause.

What Challenges Does Your Warehouse Pose?

Every warehouse has its own challenges and limitations that affect how racking systems are installed. This includes the brightness of the lighting, the quality of the floor, and whether or not there are any hazards present. These elements should always be considered to avoid costly oversights and mistakes.

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